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3/22/2011 c7 superman
the story never ended i felt kinda upset about that i though it had some potential and it never revealed what went on with chasity's sister! this is complete blasphemy in writing ive never been so appaled even the percy jackson books didnt leave me this upset over an ending and i do believe that there should have been a little more backstory i mean i feel like i hardly knew any of the charecters but despite the missing parts of the story and the repeated elements in the story i felt like the writer was on the right track it truely seemed to have a ton of potential its just majorly incomplete for this story i give it a score of 48/99 i hope she doesnt take it too hard when she reades this review superman out.
6/6/2010 c1 lili999
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5/3/2010 c2 4May Fox
kay, i liked it! not gonna waste time writing a long review. gonna read on! ;)
5/3/2010 c1 May Fox
whoa! im gonna read further on, to see what happens... and then review!
4/29/2010 c7 1EternityEchoes
awh! so cute!
3/7/2010 c6 EternityEchoes
Awesome as always ^^
2/7/2010 c5 15Sleepyf00l
I would love to have that power Kat has it'd be so cool one touch and a person's life story! Geniuuss. Great chapter I'm glad you updated this one again!
2/6/2010 c5 1EternityEchoes
yaay, you updated
1/15/2010 c4 EternityEchoes
Awh! The cuteness...I want a Katalin! And her boyfriend who's name totally just flew out of my head...but I still want one! (I blame my loss of memory on lack of sleep xD)
12/17/2009 c3 15Sleepyf00l
Great chapter! Looking forward to the next!
12/16/2009 c3 1EternityEchoes
it is teh awesomness, matty xD
12/6/2009 c2 15Sleepyf00l
I liked it. A bit more detail would be nice, but I enjoyed reading it. Update soon!
12/2/2009 c1 Indicates
Woah, slow down!

You need to describe a lot more about what happens to Chasity rather than two lines of cliche nonsense. Its all very rushed. The second part is a bit more detailed but still reeks of rushed pacing. Slow down, develop it a bit more, and perhaps don't make the vampires seem like stereotypes. At this point I'm wondering WHY Alex hasn't killed the girl.

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