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8/14 c24 6Darth Zannacross
Rau Le Creuset and other Gundam baddies with his mind set would be approving of Areona's mind set right about now, which is not good for anyone anti genocide, oh my.

Almost reminds me of the time the united nations just spammed cannon folder to tire out the Gundam's just, with a few key differences.

Ed showing up turned the tide a tad but, he tries to take down the" Vengeful rivals" only to see just how crazy a ride it gets. Thankfully, they all get a break with the" True form" going on that's giving me Trans Am/ True hyper mode vibes, lets see how much ownage the Sssruminer dishes out next time, hope the wait won't be to long but in the meanwhile keep up the great work.
7/21 c23 Darth Zannacross
Sciar seems to be failing upwards today thanks to a merciful president...could be a set up for a trap though so, doh.

Edgar is having a far less chill time though, good thing its so hard to reconfigure these mech's or his head might have gotten pumped full of led in the near future. Seems like he's about to have to take one test where the cost of failure could be lethal so, lets see how things go from here but best of luck with the next chapter and good luck on the next one.
5/22 c22 Darth Zannacross
Schir is revving up for a even bigger revenge hit, she's impressed the higher ups to get the" Good toys" so, this is going to escalate fast, should be fun, if not for the pilots.

Speaking of not fun, Schir clearly has to think very carefully on who to trust before she winds up ending up like half the pepole who made bad choices in 00 Gundam or some of the others lol.

Between this" Rookie" killer, Thill, and the president got all kinds of major players being introduced...hopefully we can see who leaves a strong impact soon lol.

But till then keep up the great work, another solid chapter.
4/30 c3 Coment9
Bookmark number two.
4/10 c21 Darth Zannacross
Glad to see a rebellious new episode of Aesier today.

Damn, guess after how intense things got last time its going to take more then a few part exchanges to get things fully repaired. Still, better figure out a way to get things fixed pronto as Scir is still raging for revenge, hopefully not as fanatical as Neo wants revenge on Ruby but, more on that later lol.

For now Ed has to step up to bat, and he gets thrown quite the " Explosive fast ball" but, when push comes to shove his own" Seed mode " or Trans-Am ignites and thanks to this Eliju mode he gets to turn the tide, thankfully without as much of a cost as what happened to Mikazuki after " Unlocking" Barbatos, for now at least.

Sadly its not the victory reception one would hope as his reward is, a court martial...lets hope the worst he gets off with is a Bright slap of sorts.

But, eager to see what happens and also see how Sicr reacts as well, hopefully sooner or later. Till then keep up the great work and till next time.
4/6 c1 JaveHarron
Okay, a classic mecha homage intro, and a few thoughts so far. You through in some good creative flourishes, albeit a bit excessive in the intro paragraph. I like the worldbuilding so far, and I enjoyed the fight scene with the unknown enemy. A few thoughts: when the pilots are talking about repairs to the ship and wishing they had an engineer, modern military pilots are often commissioned officers from technical fields themselves (including engineering). Your world's military situation and structure might be different, especially since they have not had major conflicts. Similarly, if an enemy is striking from orbit, might they not also open with precision orbital bombardments and electronic warfare prior to engagement with an enemy? Likewise, many of the names are not ones traditionally from South Asia, although they could be descendants of the Antarctic settlers rather than native survivors, or some cultural fusion of the two.
3/7 c1 Coment9
Interesting. Bookmark number one.
1/13 c3 35Starart152
This is a nice chapter where we see what fate awaits Shizuka and Edgar. Her father is worse than I thought in the way he acted, as if he is trying to be Gendo from Evangelion.
As for the rest, it seems like the plot is slowly progressing in an interesting direction.
1/9 c20 6Darth Zannacross
Are hero's indeed got a break after how brutal things have been, at least it did not take Ed and Shizuka as long to catch up compared to after Kira was assumed dead in Seed after the Strike got blown up on.

Glad Ed gained his resolve to find his pal quickly, despite the win Sciar is still so hell bent on vengeance that she's ready to pounce.

Good timing with Gundam Witch of Mercury just reaching its break, though Shizuka at least feels like less of a puppet to her ambitious parent.

Well she and Freya are ready for the rebound, lets see if its a successful one or not but till then keep up the great work and till next time.
7/17/2022 c1 19dmasterxd
A very interesting and intense start to this story. I already like Shizuka. She has a clear cut goal and a very likable personality. She’s shaping up to be a really good character already. Great chapter!
7/5/2022 c19 6Darth Zannacross
A welcomed return to Aesier...a return of chaotic intensity. Schir's mad quest for vengeance is causing some damage alright, but thankfully the city is still in one piece, if rather damaged.

After how badly they were trying to kill each other did not think Shizkua and Schir would share food like that but guess its a mecha classic trope for enemies to see eye to eye...before shooting each other's eye out but we will see.

Things seem stable for now as Ed and Su plan for the next dance with death but we will see how things go...keeping my fingers crossed it will show up sooner but keep up the great work and till next time.
2/5/2022 c2 35Starart152
This is a nice chapter that put the characters into a strange situation, as they had to pilot prototype of giant robots because Shizuka father wanted so.
The flow of this chapter is nicely paced and it was entertaining to watch the characters together and interacted in funny and dramatic ways.
1/23/2021 c18 6Darth Zannacross
Nice to see some more Asier...lets see how arctic gambits are playing out these days. Well...all the lament about war never ending, but grudges never seem to end either so if Shizuka can't get a grip she will end up like all the people caught up in say...Char's vengeful sights.

Still...Char might be jealous with how Schir made her" Rival" pay a lot faster then the Red Comet did with Amuro, damn.

Like how Shin took advantage of Kira's refusal to kill to take down the Freedom, Schir took advantage of Shizuka's reluctance to cause damage to well...cause some rather intense damage.

Well...hopefully Shizuka won't have the Ghost explode and somehow survive its own explosion and have to be rescued by a junk trader before getting 00 Ghost Riser...we will see but a intense cliffhanger so very eager to see where things go from here, till then keep up the great work and till next time.
6/28/2020 c17 Darth Zannacross
Ah glad your back to another round with the Aesir, lets check out this shadow.

Well, are gal is going through the trauma that so many Gundam leads go through with being drafted into doing some rather un cool things...wonder how many bright slaps she will get for sticking to her beliefs.

Meanwhile, Ed tried to stick to his own values but could not see it through, maybe he could have won over the gal if he was a newtype/ Innovator but alas he drew the short straw.

We get to see the bigger picture for a few of the players, quite curious to see how Schir moves from here, we will see if she will get as revenge focused as say Char or the other masked guys across Gundam.

Another fun chapter, keep up the great work and till next time.
1/2/2020 c16 Darth Zannacross
Ah nice, glad to see another wave from the Aesir and all that.

Well, after so much tension nice to get a bit of a break and( Alarm rings) damn.

No matter how weird some unit names can be, always good to know what to call them, at least they don't have some of the crazy names from Victory Gundam lol.

Well, at least Shizuka questions being a agent of death more then say...Heero or Mika did.

Sciar at last attempts her revenge, but, since this is not a super robot story her rage did not translate to battle skill.

That being said...not sure who's talking to Shizuka...are mecha has a soul and we are not aware of? Ominous fella from afar? Well, hopefully we will see soon but this mode is one hell of a " Super" mode or what not, sorry Schir, revenge denied, just be glad you got away with both eyes.

Well, Shizuka has gotten through this, we will see what costs this new power will cost her and what not.

Another fun chapter full of nice action and tactics, keep up the great work and till next time.
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