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10/31/2002 c1 You Win I Will Be Your Idiot
this song is pretty cool...
9/24/2001 c1 21White Rose Knight
This is cool. I can definately see it being a kick butt song!
9/8/2001 c1 DjLethal
niiiicccceeeee! hey can I steal your song? Ahhh just kidding..but its so good that its very tempting ;)
8/30/2001 c1 Scarlett L. Beckett
OOOH COOLIEZ. I LOVE IT! Must go to my favorites list!
8/29/2001 c1 23Silver Sunlight
Wow! This is really EXCELLENT! You really lay it out there, tell it like it should be told. Encore! Oh, and thank you for reviewing my poem 'Be As Is'. It's really hard to get reviews on poetry, thank you for your kind words! **huggie** ^^; Anyway... I love the song, and I hope it becomes famous some day, for you! ^.^
8/29/2001 c1 105VG Sherry
wow, coolliness, wickedly awesome, me likes:) (i think you got that already though)
5/9/2001 c1 5Pretty Waste
hey that was really good, Rock on
5/7/2001 c1 Kathryn Golsan
I love this whole thing. I love it! And if its alright with you I would like to put it to music. I am in a band and I am the guitarist, and with your permission I would love to put music to this, and if it gets big I will give you full credit, please e-mail me with your answer.

5/5/2001 c1 11Chustang
Very cool. I like your style alot, maybe cuz its like mine a bit, but still sweet and original.

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