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for What is a true friend?

11/17/2005 c1 5delusional-weirdo1
Aw, do you really feel like that? i've felt that for a month and i just wanted to just rip someone's head off because of how irritating it was! Well, if it is how you feel, then i wouldn't mind being an online buddy. After all! i'm always looking for another good friend!(well, more about the story... i definately agree with everything in it! i'm glad to know SOMEONE knows what true friendship is!)
7/22/2001 c1 whoopdido
hey al if i am not making you feel wanted i am sorry i did not know i was doing it
5/5/2001 c1 16Clefster1
I dont think i have to say it, bu i think i will anyway...I TOLD YA SO!

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