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for Rory Harper's Guide to Mating

4/17/2013 c15 2P.Nutter
Love love love love LOVE this! XD
the characters are all amazing, and I find myself always thinking about who Rory is ACTUALLY going to be with.
He's so lovable and i just want to hug him!

great story! - can't wait for more XD
4/17/2013 c15 1Aheen Anna
I really hope you are going to write more! I love the story line and would love to see where this goes.
4/12/2013 c15 Depth-of-Field
Oooh, this story is so fun. I love your characters and I can't wait for them to figure out more about what the fuck's going on! Even if Rory doesn't want to know. :P
4/11/2013 c15 TT
Poor rory. I still hate Soren though.
4/11/2013 c9 LiveLoveRead95
Really good story. Love the idea. cant wait to see rory and piper together they obviously like each other already. :3
4/7/2013 c15 3signstoabrokenheart
This story is fantastic!
4/6/2013 c15 emeraldmyst
This story amazing. (:
4/2/2013 c15 1DeuxMachina
Oooooooooooooooooooookay so I freaking love this story. I have a guilty pleasure for werewolf stories, especially of the slash variety, but it's so hard to find one that doesn't have a crybaby sub protagonist, a vaguely (or not so vaguely) rape-y feel, or is just too cliche and/or badly written to enjoy. I love Rory, he's kickass. He's just quirky enough to be totally funny but not too quirky to be unrelatable. I love that you express the fact that being a submissive wolf makes him less aggressive and prone to being uncomfortable about being around violence of any sort but I like that he's not sitting there being whiny bitch about it all. That can get really old. I love his ridiculous family and his cute relationship with Peyton. Piper is pretty awesome, too. He's not really like any other character I've ever read in a werewolf fic, very original. Even though he's pretty much an alpha he's not all asshole-ish for no reason and he has a lot of interesting characteristics and depth which is much more interesting to read than a lot of the dominant characters that seem to be very one dimensional. Oh, and I hate Soren. He's a creepy mofo. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I think you're story is extremely fabulous and I literally can't wait for the next chapter so please, pretty please, update soon? Please and thank you! :D
3/22/2013 c15 srobbins70
This just got really good. You've got to update soon after revealing so much stuff. You're leaving us hanging. An update as to whether you're still alive or not would be nice too.
3/22/2013 c15 I miss Rory
I know this sounds pissing off, but I REALLY WANT YOU TO UPDATE! Please?
*sends a box of internet cookies* That gave you almighty strength to push yourself to the the ends of the earth and award you faithful and beautiful fans with more Rory goodness?
Good. Now update.
3/20/2013 c15 Jharpe
Maan, I followed this from chapter 1 and it's like watching a baby grow beautifully :D

I think I saw a typo in 'Have have', it should be 'Have had'? Overall, good job, again. This is getting more and more beautiful :)

Keep it up(dated)
3/14/2013 c15 9Stahlut
Okay so I have the workings of a migraine going on right now, so I'll keep this short and simple. I'm loving this story, everything from the pack dynamics down to the relationships between characters. I can't wait for te next update!
3/12/2013 c15 10cherrypiesizzle
Whoa. Intense. I hope this thing with Soren doesn't go anywhere and he talks to Piper about how pissed he is that he got ordered around
3/12/2013 c4 cherrypiesizzle
And what's with Piper saying his friends give him quickies?
2/24/2013 c14 Dark Lynnette
Sometimes I just wanna smack Rory. He's such a teenager. I'm sure Soren has something else up his sleeve and Rory is pretty much asking for it. Way too much trust in all the wrong place. ha.
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