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9/11/2010 c4 Unfortunately Unknown
Okay, I've been very bad. I adore your stories and have read pretty much all of them, but I haven't reviewed. Sorry.

This was, like all of your chapters, beautiful. I love the way you mix so many elements into this story, though I have to say that right now I'm waiting for some more romance.

Thank you for the entertainment, and I'll try to write a longer review next time.

9/10/2010 c4 TC
I feel like every time I review, I start it with "omg this was amazing ah" but seriously, every chapter you put up deserves that response! It feels like every chapter you post is better than the one before, but really all your stuff is just awesome! These chapters are always worth the wait, haha.

There was so much going on in here that I liked. I loved the trial and how interesting it was. I loved how you described Gannekein throughout it, especially towards the end where he's looking openly scared and looking to his dad. For all that Alan doesn't like him, I think the reader can still really get a chance to sympathize wit him (and this comes up later too, which I will ramble on about at the end of my review, haha). I also really liked the brief moment where Keyd has the merciless expression, and I really really love how you don't let the reader forget that he's a soldier, even if I don't think we've had much of a chance to see him like that. I also really thought it was great how you brought the one woman Ukuacherni in after only mentioning her in passing in the prologue-I'd completely forgotten about her until now. I had to go back to re-read that part and was wowed that she wasn't just someone random and unimportant. Also, how Alan says "talky box" in the narration made me smile.

I also get the feeling that even though Rysa says Keyd has had worse nightmares, that they'll escalate, or that their connected to something more dangerous/unpleasant. I don't know if I've just been imagining it, but it seems like there have been small hints here and there that something more ominous is coming his way. (not that any predictions I've ever made have come true, haha)

That sort of goes for the memory dance thing as well. I'm thinking that since Keyd seemed really serious about it, and because Alan agreed to it so quickly/without much thought, that's it's more complicated/intense than we're lead to believe. But I might just be reading way too far into all this.

Also, yay Hahd! I liked him, even if he only showed up briefly earlier. I like how much more friendly and open he seems compared to everyone else, plus he just seems like a neat guy. And Rhet too! He was such a great character and I found myself grinning as I read the parts with him. I really love that you manage to flesh out the more minor characters like this!

Of course, now I'm waiting with baited breath for the next chapter-you can't just end a chapter like that and not expect the reaction to be AH MORE! It was so fantastic, haha. And again, the characterization of Gannekein was just downright awesome. I found myself really feeling bad for him even though he, you know, only attempted murder.

Over all I loved all the characterization going on in this chapter as well as the plot development. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! Once again I've left you with a ridiculously long (and horribly choppy) review, and I apologize! I just think you deserve more than just OMG AWESOME!, haha.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/9/2010 c4 homepage
Me and alan had synchronized panic attacks. Holy jessus! I was so nervous. I didn't think they would take them seriously but I'm totally glad that they did.

All the new and alarming information is just... WOW! Just WOW! I honestly didn't expect the whole conspiracy thing. I wonder how keyd and alan will get through this...* daydreaming about what will happen next*

C: The final book is going to be pretty epic.

Till next chapter
9/9/2010 c4 john
Hi !

Thank you so much for the awesome update ;D

If i may offer a critic, i know you are doing this from Alan point of view but i felt throughout the chapter that some direct dialogs would have helped the overall effect of the scenes.

For example the judgment, could have used some of that, Alan telling everything everyone was saying, in my opinion, sort of took the grandiose feeling i was hoping for.

There was another part of the chapter i thought the same, but i read it yesterday and now forgot which one was.

Looking forward to the next chapter, the new information about the conspiracy is intriguing.
9/8/2010 c4 1Karida
I think I understand what's going to happen with Keyd and Allen with the whole 'Memory Dance' thing but I have a feeling they won't get to do that for a while because of what was just revealed, so many twists and turns in this and it's only chapter 4! I wonder how many chapters this book is going to be because it seems like they have a lot of things to cover...

My day is made 100x better when I get a notice in my inbox that this story has been updated, love your writing and keep it up! xD
9/8/2010 c4 2Nyasia A. Maire
Ah ha...the ducks are starting to line up. I didn't look back to check Alan's last name, but wasn't it Courtney. I know it starts with a "C" because of his mom's A, B, C thing with names. Glad you didn't change that. It's a silly little thing, but fleshes out Alan's bag of bones (so to speak.) As always, I want MORE!

Great work,

9/8/2010 c4 3PyroTech
All I can really say to describe this one is WOW. I Knew there was some big reason behind it, but not exactly one like this lol ^^ Great chapter
9/8/2010 c4 Eternal Sand
The character portrayals were amazing in this chapter. How Alan was a nervous wreck in the court room made me want to just hug him and then Keyd did just the right thing to support him. That was the sweetest thing ever.

Alan's voice really comes through in the narration, and the details such as Alan trying on new clothes and messing it up, the high-fives(?), Rhet calling him cute in a backhanded kind of way...it's all very gratifying as the world never stops unfolding.
9/8/2010 c4 17JtheChosen1
Oh man so good! Loved reading your work as usual! And did you know Alan's last name means "to believe; to think"? I thought it was pretty cool lol, maybe you had that idea already!
9/8/2010 c4 3why-eye-en
I am so looking forward to the next chapter. This is awesome!

*The plot thickens* haha
9/8/2010 c4 wtf-are-scrambled-eggs

When I first saw this chapter alert I screamed :P I love your series so much; it's amazing and detailed and even though you update only once every few months I love each and every chapter!

Jeeze; Keyd and Alan are in trouble :( I hope they uncover the plot!

They've been so distant lately as well :( No more lovey dovey signs anymore other than gentle pushes through the bond and sleeping in the same bed and hand holding - are they falling apart?


9/8/2010 c4 2Moraph
I literally squealed and clapped when I saw this had been updated again. And I never do that, it takes a LOT to make me excitable.

I've reviewed a few times before (as 'Wytchkin') and I'm probably becoming a little redundant, but I love your work and your characters and the world you've created so much. I can just lose myself in the story and forget it's not real, and I really care about the characters and what happens to them because they're so realistic and relatable. That proves you have a seemingly rare gift - a true talent - and I can't express how much I admire you.

As per, I can't wait for the next chapter to come out, but until then take care and just remember that you're amazing ^_^
9/2/2010 c3 John
It has been 2 months ! I want an update !

Pretty please ;D

I want to know what will happen, i love the series.

Hope your muse is in good standing with ya
8/30/2010 c3 Eternal Sand
I just wanted to say that I absolutely love this series. What left the deepest impression are the characters and how real they are. They act with maturity and it really is a breath of fresh air from teenage angst, but they're not infallible. They have doubts and fears and sometimes have to make a choice between bad and worse (and for Nocturne, I thank you from the bottom of my heart). I am glad that it isn't a story where 'love conquers all' and they really have to work to make it work. The plot, the worlds, it's a wonder to read and addictive. I eagerly await the next installment, though considering the size these are becoming, it might be better to split it in two or some such because it feels like you're trying to fit so much into one chapter.
8/29/2010 c2 6theStarfly
I just want to let you know that I realise this more the more of your books I read, but you have an amazing way with conveying exactly what love feels like. I don't know how you manage to do it so completely, but every moment it comes up in your books it feels like I'm living through being in love again, you just sum it up so perfectly. You have managed to peg down the exact way love makes a couple interact, and it's just perfect.
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