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12/11/2009 c1 Jenlyn
I kind of want to cry. I was so excited to see the update and then that ENDING - you're killing me, smalls. It's interesting to see what kind of effect Keyd being the agistar has on their relationship and their interactions. I was glad to see that Rysa has found herself someone - and even more so, in true Rysa-fashion, she's taking the reins. Love it.

There were quite a few places where I noted something that happened that could come back later - so as far as this not seeming very plotty, I'm not so sure. ;) Though I could just be crazy. That's equally possible.

And Keyd picking up English curse words was quite hilarious and adorable.

Istiloveyoulikewhoa. ♥
12/11/2009 c1 17JtheChosen1
Very awesome start! Keyd has come far for sure, but much is being demanded of him, and he has to step up! This was great to read, I can't wait for more!
12/11/2009 c1 TC
Ah! When I checked this morning and saw an update, saying that I was super excited would be an understatement.

This was great-I can't wait to see what the plot line for this book will be, and I'm already asking myself all sorts of questions, but I guess I'll just have to wait (like, what was up with the one nervous/twitchy kid?). Also, I think that I'm starting to like Damao even though we haven't seen much of him yet. It also makes me happy to see that Rysa is the one taking the reins, since you don't see many strong female characters who aren't portrayed negatively.

I can't wait for the next update (but take your time!).
12/11/2009 c1 29KaenaFolcun
...ok see now thats just not FAIR. AGH...

at this point, i'm torn between feeling an immense amount of love for you, and wanting to shake you and hope that makes more chapters come my way. and then again, i don't WANT you to go too fast with this, because after this, it'll be over...?

and that's just so depressing, because... well, its like the lord of the rings ending... where it's sad because there are worlds and this language and races and real people, who make sense and are stupid, and have colossal flaws and love intensely enough for you to keep reminding yourself that this isn't real life; this doesn't happen. (because i could never draw the line between science fiction and my own life anyways...)

i dont know if im making sense...

anyways, i know youre an amazingly regular writer; and that youll update according to your schedule, and thats fine...

i'm just to miss Keyd and Alan... :( i dont think i could even begin to get how much you might miss them...
12/11/2009 c1 5ChickenDeNoodleyNoodleIII
All right... So, I've been reading these stories for pretty much the last month or so, and I consider them to be absolutely brilliant. First of all, it's so hard to find good gay fiction in the fantasy genre, especially one so developed as this or so grand in scale.

Second of all, the characters are really well developed,and I am able to sympathize with them very well even though I've never suffered relationship problems with an interdimensional being from a homophobic race locked in pan-dimensional war with their literal polar opposites that kicked them out of their home world. Not to mention that sometimes, Keyd and Alan are just plain adorable! Ah, how I love that little swelling feeling in my chest any time they do something romantic, or Keyd does something cute and awkward, or they both do something brash and cute and romantic. But I digress...

Third of all, you are a very talented writer who continues to shock and amaze me with the level of depth in your stories. It's very obvious that YOU know the plot and understand your characters, and know very well what direction you are taking them. Put simply... you rock! I wish I had even a modicum of the dedication that you possess! I start out on a project, get really really into it, and then my focus goes "Oh, shiny! Oh hey, here's something else to work on!"

But again, I digress.

Now to balance out any ego inflating I may have done...

Maybe you're a talentless hack and I'm an obsessed, sycophantic fanboy with no taste in stories who can't tell the difference between a well-written novel and meaningless drivel. Maybe my evaluation of your abilities is completely off. I don't know...

Either way, I love your story, and I believe that you should continue writing it so that I can go "Aw mah gawd! That's so cute! I love them so much!"

Now, off to the other questions I want to ask...

Do you have a developed language for the oenclar? Because if you do, instant high five from me. I've been trying to develop a language for years! But, well... see my statement above on my attention span (or lack thereof).


Can I have Keyd? or Alan? Or both of them, even?

I'd ask more questions, but my brain just took a dive and I can't think properly.


Ted Rosenberg, aka ChickenDeNoodleyNoodle the Third

P.S: It's funny that you say that it seems like the plot's not going anywhere in this chapter, but I saw at least a bajillion potential plot devices scattered throughout it... or maybe I'm just reading into things that aren't there.
12/11/2009 c1 1Straight Pin
WHOO! Chapter one! I'm super excited for the next one. :D
12/11/2009 c1 Serun
Yeah, I actually was kinda noticing the lack of apparent plot in this first chapter. If you say it is coming then I will have faith that it will come.

Here is hoping Alan manages to find time to bring peace to the universe and get laid ... repeatedly.
12/11/2009 c1 Keeto
Your stories are epic. This entire series is epic. I love the plot, the characters and the feel you give to these fics. Thankyou so much for writing this, everytime I check my emails it's like 'has she updated?' 'cause it's just so good.

Stories like these deserve a thousand reviews, but because I'm too lazy to review that many times, I'll shower you with more compliments. PRIASE. Haha, once again, I love this series and thankyou for writing it.
12/10/2009 c1 kepteinen
12/10/2009 c1 zoule
I'm so excited you've started the last section! And sad...because it's the last section :)
12/10/2009 c1 DefineNightmare
CLIFFY! Nu T.T I just love it, seriously.

please update sooN!
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