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5/19/2014 c12 16atenea-in-the-sky
Aww God I loved this chapter! I'm so happy you updated! You made me laugh so much... and I'm liking Alan more and more everytime. I mean, I liked him already, but sometimes his lack of communication is frustrating; he's improving, though. Still, wish the guy were a bit more "fluffy" towards Keys sometimes.. but oh well.
I love the plot, but you surely know that. I've said it before, but I find the story so incredibly interesting. And the characters and their interactions are just awesome.
I'll be waiting for next chapter.
5/18/2014 c12 chibikodo
:) Yes everything is possible. And wow I felt my own excitement ratchet up as Keyd made his point about the Worthies no longer being in touch with the clar and their needs and interests. I wanted to slam my fist into his grandfather's face for Alan and Keyd's sake.

How are Darban and Kir doing? That guy whose name I admittedly forgot already needs to talk to Rysa ASAP. And oh yes, Alan needs to tell Keyd about what he agreed to talk about when he met with Aleif.

Lovely update per usual. :) Looking forward to the next part.
5/18/2014 c12 4overlordpotatoe
That was such an awesome chapter! It was so great to get to see Keyd be a badass and assert himself over everyone finally. I'm glad you wrote those government posts, because though I would have understood generally what was happening without them it was nice to have a deeper insight. It's amazing how much thought you've put into all of this. As always, I am incredibly impressed.
5/16/2014 c12 augustaugustine
holy cow. This chapter was emotionally draining to read.. I know it's definitely not over yet, but I didn't know I could be so proud of something fictional characters accomplished. I've been following your work for YEARS and it makes me so happy to have been able to see these two get to where they are today.

On another note - I love your chapters. Sometimes I feel like writers can fill space with lots of words that don't really serve a purpose, but I feel like every word I read counts - and it makes for an epic-length read. I don't know if it's my current mindset (I've been traveling by bus for over 5 hours, hooray), but when I got to the end of this chapter and they were just comforting each other in the empty council chamber I almost cried. I'm not joking. Thank you so much for this chapter.
1/27/2014 c11 4R. Ficst
I'm so glad that this is where I'm left off to wait for the last chapters. A peaceful moment :)

Looking forward to the last chapters!
1/26/2014 c1 R. Ficst
ahhh I pulled an all-nighter reading the other stories up to this point. I Need to sleep now. My eyes sting. But I'm such an addict to the story!

I will be back...
1/19/2014 c1 asdf
just a question...why don't other worlds get involved in the war? I mean if some alien force was trying to invade earth, I'm sure the US/Chinese/Russian government would just send a nuclear bomb through the rift and call it quits. XD In fact I'd even say our technologies are greater and more powerful than the magic of the outsiders, since our bombs/guns don't rely on a resource other than what we can already get. sure the aliens can cloak themselves but we still have things like heat-seeking missiles, other humans who can magically see the magic people (like alan) who can be trained into soldiers in the war, etc. it doesn't really make sense why the Oen people are "the" people, and the only people, who have the ability to fight against the Clar people.
1/2/2014 c11 16atenea-in-the-sky
Ohhh come on! I hope you didn't just abandone the story! That would be cruel! I really love the series. I hope you'll update; I love all of your characters and the whole main idea is amazing. I don't know if you inspired by some book or something, but the concept you've got here is pretty amazing. I actually find myself daydreaming about the whole story at odd times.
Please update.
10/6/2013 c11 1Vallucast
Cool! It takes me a while to get with the flow again, but rest assured that it worth the long while.
And i looking forward for the next installment..or whatever the word is.. Good luck and have a nice time

8/24/2013 c11 bel-amour
Amazing! I am so hooked I've read all of the books in 3 days! Please update this soon!
8/8/2013 c11 toasting
This was absolutely amazing. The emotions and movement of the whole chapter was so captivating. The interaction between Allan and Keyd was so sweet at the end; I couldn't help but smile while reading it. Thank you so much for the chapter!
8/5/2013 c11 Chrysler
I was literally thinking about this story the other day. I was contemplating re-reading all four stories, and you went and updated. I can’t believe its been a year though, haha, but a years time still hasn’t stopped me from liking this story. I was so confused so I read the last section of chapter 10, bawled for most of it and fell in love with the characters all over again…

Chapter 11…Alan crying, Keyd crying…I’m crying…geez. But I was so relieved that Alan pulled it off and Keyd isn’t sick anymore. It will be interesting [and a bit sad] to see how Keyd adapts to being 'normal' now and I hope he doesn't get too much flack about it-at this point, Keyd has been through enough and everyone needs to just get with the program and accept him as their agistar (sp?) Anyway, great chapter. Sweet ending. Still loving this story
8/5/2013 c11 Elliot
I'm so glad you're still writing this story :) I've been following it for a really long time and it feels almost nostalgic to be reading it.
8/5/2013 c11 raytondaite
I'm so excited! I know you said this was only half the chapter, I absolutely loved it! Really looking forward to the rest of it :D!
7/15/2013 c10 Ryder
Please continue soon. I checked your livejournal and you talk about a lot of things, (Also I've read your teen wolf story, didn't realize it was you at the time, but the writing on that is just as good as the rest of your stuff).
But, you know, I'm dying to hear the rest of this. Read, whatever. Poor Keyd! This story is so well done
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