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5/6/2013 c3 Guest
I love Alan's family in so many ways! :) Okay, back up to finish the chapter (had to say this after the sex talk by the twins or I'd forget when finished).
4/10/2013 c10 Acrimony27
Well, now that I have devoted (just under) 24 hours to reading and re-reading all 4 books in this series, I thought it was only right that I actually left you a review detailling my thoughts. Where to begin?

To say I love everything would be totally accurate but also unfair, given how much you've put into this series. I only started reading night before last, which meant that you already had Tenebrism under review so I missed most of Keyd and Alan's budding relationship but got the main points of the story- (from where their relationship picked up in the following book, I figure I missed their first 2 kisses and maybe some sexing, which I can live with since I saw the post semi-rejection and beaming up to another world bit). I DO, however, regret not having Alan's powers expalined properly. I get that he absorbs energy, can throw out shields if he wants and basically acts as this giant reservoir thing but I'm not sure if I'm assuming too much or what I've missed, Help a reader out?

I have to commend you on what I did read in the first couple of chapters where Alan was a straight guy and had toatlly straight thoughts (about Rysa etc) and just seeing a totes hot statue wasn't gonna flip an 'I'm gay' switch in him and he wasn't suddenly coming on to the guy for no damn reason. I liked how you tackled their relationship. Alan falling in love with Keyd also kinda felt right. It was believable. I loved how you addressed his thought processes on how he'd suddenly gone from straight to boyfriend in about an hour and his denial of it almost throughout, except when it came to Keyd. Like a normal (with a non-alien boyfriend who'd saved their life and you theirs in turn) guy might feel that way too. What I'm trying very clumsily to say is, you made their relationship feel real. And not all hearts and flowers-y, given their situation.

The powers you've given them are also fucking cool. The first battle with Ahieel was a bit hard to imagine (and would proabably look insanely cool as a movie), as are some of their markings, but otherwise holy hell I want to see those fractal, obsidian wings.

Alan is a lot smarter than he seems, even if he doesn't seem to think so, like how he decided to accept Maedjon's proposal, despite what Keyd would've done and shows he does have a personality that would be good for Keyd in the long run and he's not some passive thing. I loved the boyfriend-dad relationship and wished the Old Codger hadn't died so soon. I also read in the author's comments how people seemed bugged about things you were leaving out but I think it's so much better you left it paced the way you did coz sheesh, no one suddenly learns about an entire civillisation and its customs in a day, and authors who spell it out for readers annoy the crap out of me. Also, it's shit boring to read.

I'll admit that it took me a while for Alan's processes about betraying Camp Oen and going to Uillad to make sense to me properly. Athough I kinda get the feeling he wasn't fully aware or conscious of what he was doing either. As in, he needed some way to save his world and this was the only way he could think of doing it, and he was mad at Keyd. But there was no desperation (that I can recall, other than fear during the meeting itself) mainly worry, and feeling sick from missing Keyd. The feelings I'm remembering from reading that part are kinda vague.

I did like what happened in the return-to-Oenclar-land though, and I could feel the respect and confusion he was getting from the others for coming back and facing his punishment, even though from Alan's POV there wasn't anything else he would've done; coming back was obvious. And because it was in first person narrative it took me a while to realise he could've just sat at home and not told anyone, seeing as he had his world saved and Keyd had an army that was gonna face off the clarbach eventually anyway. But because I 'was' Alan I didn't even think of it. Which, again, showed me tour awesome writing prowess, plus little things about Alan that, just like he did, I didn't see about him until I considered him from an outsider's POV.

Also, major credit to you for remember the little details like Alan's need to eat, how his still wears jean etc. etc. coz you could totally leave them out but it makes it more real that way.

Totally hate you for giving Keyd dogoen (however you spell it) but I remember thinking, when Meadjon was dying, that Alan should stick his hands on him and energy-glue all the jagged disjointed pieces of his oen back together again since he can manipulate and stuff. Not happy at the thought ofKeyd losing his oen altogether either- even if it does save him (for one, all his totally cool markings would disappear and he might lose the respect of his clan and probably a million other things I haven't thought about coz I don't have to and you probably have them all figured out anyway :p) but also confused at why Alan didn't just push all the back energy in himself out if he knew it made things worse. Plothole, or something I need to go back and read/will read?

The only thing I've had problems with, throught this whole story, is their height difference, and how muscular-or not- Keyd is and his shoulder width(which would be weird to throw in) because sometimes when they get to touching each other Alan does things I can't imagine in my head, like touching Keyd's back if His back is to Keyd's stomach- or how he can throw an arm around keyd's shoulders when they're sleeping, if Keyd has the massive warrior shoulders I'm imagining to go with his height...

One last thing before I round off this ridiculously long review, I totally fucking love Obscura. Don't know what you're working on atm (btw your five-projects-at-once work ethic is seriously breaking my heart- and any hopes of a regular update) but man do I want to read this in Keyd's POV. You have no idea how badly. Like, really badly. Also, I pronounce Keyd's causual name totally wrong but his full name correctly. Way too gone for me to correct but hey. I probably pronounce all their names wrong.

Fav side-character atm is Kir. Also love Rhet and Ansa. I actually like them quite a lot, now that I' thinking about it. I hope Darban isn't permamnently paralysed but I'm not too invested if he doesn't. Eldeherot-the-Asshole needs to be shot/finally punched in the face by Alan for some reason. Eleon needs a boyfriend that isn't Law- maybe Jaryn's son. Ohean needs to meet Ryssa. Ahieel needs to surprise everyone by coming out of the closet too. Maybe for Ociir, which would be totally incestuous (and I don't necessarily agree with that) but it would fit. Ryssa's manfriend needs to be in the picture a bit more eventually. I had no idea Keyd and Alan acted so platonic in public until the final scene where everyone's choking up and stuff and he might die. Keyd needs to NOT DIE. I also think there needs to be a sidestory where Alan one day catches a cold or something and Keyd totally freaks out because Oenclar don't get sick and he's fussing and motherly and it'd be Adorable (having Alan get really sick would be repeating storylines, which would be lame).

So now that I've tossed out any and all possible thoughts I can reclaim, and thrown in a couple questions for good measure (good luck finding them coz I really would appreciate the answers but my work's been piling up for the past 2 days and I really should be getting back to this and not making this lame review longer than it already is), plus some well-deserved praise. Damn,, forgot to mention how I generally loved this entire /world/you've created but gah, no time (the fact I can remember the name of the clarbach town and their spelling just proves it) btw, I'm imagining clarbach markings to look like a scar but without the puckering- since I can't imagine a white tattoo too well.

Really, really loved what you've done wth this. Can't wait for the next installment of Skiagraphia (an/or Obscura, but I'm not holding my breath) and only the fact that you updated this last year is giving me hope that you may, crazily, possibly, hopefully, update soon is allowing me to end this here (plus, I've rambled for 90% of this. Now that I've got the fangasm-ing out the way I may even return and give you a sensible review. Maybe even a critique, y'know, if you'd appreciate that kinda thing, from reader's perspective.

Yours gratefully,

P.S. after all that I don't even have a clear idea what Alan looks lile. Like, at all. He has reddish hair, I think. And is 5' 10". I think you need to put the rest of Tenebrism back up. Or like, take down one chapter at a time, just before you replace it with something better, coz otherwise this is totally unfair. Ok, shutting up now. Hope you're having a really awesome day wherever your are and in moods conducive to writing coz holy hell, not even embarassed to beg at this point. Right, shutting up. Bye.
3/21/2013 c10 Pomperepozza
I've been meaning to read this series for the longest time but never got the time to, but now I got some time off and thought I should finaly get to it -and oh, do I regret not doing it sooner! I got hooked right from the start and read the entire series in a matter of days, even though book 1 is currently missing chapters due to the revision. This is an awesome story! The entire series is just amazing. I hope the next update comes soon!
3/20/2013 c1 sess18
Great story finish it soon please.
3/20/2013 c10 sess18
1/28/2013 c10 Purplebanana
I have to say, I haven't gotten this worked up over a story in a while. Your writing is amazing; I can't wait to see what comes up next. On the same note, please, please, please add the next chapter. I'm nearly tearing out my hair waiting to see what happens.
1/22/2013 c10 Guest
I beg of you to plz update soon. I would just join you journal but a girl is having problems in doing so, so this is the only way I can actually read your stories. However this one is left with such a freaking awesome cliffhanger!:-)
I waited almost a year, so...plz put me out of my misery, lol!
1/22/2013 c10 vincerina
as always...awesome!
1/9/2013 c10 Slylove
Please update soon! I've been looking every week since summer of last year and...yep...time for an update:-)
9/19/2012 c10 Endling
I have literally spent three days blowing off school stuff reading this series. I seriously like am in love with this. Seriously, best story I have ever read on here. I usually don't review, BUT OH MY GOD THIS DESERVES IT. THIS DESERVES ALL THE REWARDS. OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL STORY. I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO CRITICIZE. IT'S PERFECT. LITERALLY PERFECT. I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS STORY. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON.
8/8/2012 c10 5TheIncriminationOfTheVoices
Okay, seriously (as Alan would say), that was the worst fucking cliff hanger ever. I hate you. And by that I mean I love you and you're a brilliant writer and I'm going to stalk this story as no story has ever been stalked before. This is all.
7/5/2012 c10 Damian-Kayne
It's been a very long time since I last wrote any kind of comment on this series and for that I apologise.

Of all the authors I once found here on FP you are the only one I still keep coming back to read. Both this series and Pretty shade of Grey are brilliant.

I hope one day you manage to get this published, I would definitely be out there trying to get a copy.

Keep writing and posting it here.
7/2/2012 c10 moonlitxavi
I've read all books, except the first one (due to the rewriting) and I absolutely love them, all the characters have their own stories and personalities, my personal favorite is Kir :)
I don't know what else to say, just continue writing! I love the size of your chapters. I pretty much spended all day reading your stories. It's amazing.
Good luck,
7/1/2012 c10 4KittyWoman12
Gah! Nooo! Why'd you stop there! Must. Keep. Reading.

Awesome job though. Can't wait for the next one.
7/1/2012 c10 Guest
! love. you should start posting on ao3? mhhh
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