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for Pain

1/1/2010 c1 25roundtheworldtwice
This is absolutely brillant. I like the jagged stanzas. Feels almost like you will never even finish a single word! I also like how you death in the middle of all those positive feelings. A really strong juxtaposition. Love it!
12/17/2009 c1 64fatbird33
very interesting style. very intruiging
12/13/2009 c1 8LostInMe
Wow. I absolutely love what you've done with this. It's such a great portrayal of sharp, jagged pain. I like how you've put the part about smiling in the center, in clear view, unlike the pain that's thrust to the side: the smile is what's being shown to the world. Great work!
12/12/2009 c1 lymli
it's like watching through a mirror, it's kinda dark, I like it.

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