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for I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker

3/13/2018 c40 CheckerboardBunny
...I thought Ryan was a doctor lol. And HA! I can’t wait to see Sean’s face if he ever finds out that Cole gave him CPR! XD And it’d Be funny if Joey was some kind of undercover cop or something all this time.
3/12/2018 c35 CheckerboardBunny
I’m trying to stay calm here, but... ARE YOU AN IDIOT, ADAM?! Why would her dad killing your dad be HER fault? And then you act like a enormous jerk to her, she kisses you, and BAM. You’re all lovey-dovey again. Like, just... GAAAH *bangs head on a random wall*
3/10/2018 c32 CheckerboardBunny
...I think everyone in this story is psychotic lol.
3/10/2018 c31 CheckerboardBunny
HAHAHA! OMG I can’t believe Joey was Barney! XDD That’s epic.
3/8/2018 c26 CheckerboardBunny
OMG. ADAM! Don’t take her back so easily! If at all!
3/8/2018 c25 CheckerboardBunny
Why would you hate Adam at the end of this chapter? He didn’t do anything wrong. It was all Eve, who I SERIOUSLY hate right now, and Sean’s fault, who I also hate. What they did was seriously messed up. Eve doesn’t even have the right to talk to Adam anymore. Not only did she do it once, but freaking TWICE.
Cheating bitch.
7/12/2017 c50 69AlysonSerenaStone
What a wonderful story! My only compliant is that the chapters are way too long. :)
4/13/2016 c37 Best story ever
OMG this is so freakin' hilarious! I've been reading this story for days on end and I just had to tell you how much I love it! Even when its sad and serious you still manage to make it fun to read. The Barney scene was my favorite up until this chapter. I loved the part where Adam and Joey flipped Steve off and he aimed the gun at them!

"You didn't tell me he had a gun...," Joey said shakily.
"Um, yeah...I sorta forgot that part."
"PUT IT IN DRIVE!" Joey screamed.

LMAO! Joey is the best character ever created. Seriously! First he saved Adam by using a slushy as a weapon and now he's trying to help a handcuffed Adam control a runaway car. I love how you managed to make such a serious situation so funny! I still need to finish this but Sean and Joey better not die! Or Adam and Eve. Anyone else can croak and I'll forgive you! XD Will there be a sequel? I don't care how it ends because I want a sequel no matter what!
12/22/2015 c46 AngelCakes
"...How have you been?"

I smiled wearily. "In excruciating pain," I said. I was quite an optimistic person.

Cole smiled. Wow, way to be a bitch! "That makes both of us," he said.

The "way to be a bitch!" line FLOORED me. I'm not kidding. I'm practically crying and my mom thinks I'm losing my mind cause I literally never laugh.

This story is amazing. I never laugh while reading or watching movies or anything like that but this has me smiling like an idiot. Even the sad parts are getting to me which never happens either! You have talent. Thank you so much for posting your stories for everyone to enjoy!
7/6/2015 c1 Guest
I know you already finished this but I really like how she has black hair and dark blue bangs the ending was a cliff hanger way to keep us hooked
10/14/2014 c50 1MileyRowling
Great work! I really enjoyed this!
6/1/2014 c49 Nightesaur
Omg. I have difficulty connecting with my emotions, so I use stories as a way to feel all sorts of emotions, and it's been one hell of a long time since I've felt like I was strangled from feels. LOL. Thank you for sharing your stories! :D
7/8/2013 c4 12GossamerSilverglow
Hmm, I'm confused as to who of them is going to be the one Eve ends up liking. It says Adam in the summary, or at least what I've guessed, but I'm just not sure. Off to the next chapter!
7/8/2013 c3 GossamerSilverglow
I also love Dante's Inferno, glad you included it. I'm excited for the 'seduction' to start happening, but I absolutely loved Eve for her little stumble. I can really relate to the clumsy side of characters! Great chapter.
7/8/2013 c2 GossamerSilverglow
I'm assuming Sean and Adam are twins? Interesting.
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