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12/20/2010 c41 irisherin1488
Oh my god is Sean dead? I'm confused what happened? I'm like so confused right now because I had to read the last chapter to understand this one since it's been so long... Oh my gosh I'm just confused. Update soon! And aw that was kind of cute at the end I liked how he said that i don't know how it's cute but you know what I mean.XD
12/20/2010 c41 Return-to-sender
Oh my gosh, thus was so sad. I feel like this is all winding down. The antagonist is gone, people are getting better in the hospital, seems like everything is falling into place. I still want to know if Adam and eve make up.
12/20/2010 c41 I 3 JD
You'd be proud of me today, AG91. I attempted to sign in despite the fact that I can't remember what my password is. But for some reason, fictionpress is acting up today. Has it been acting up for you? Considering you updated your story, I'm guessing it's not. Maybe it's just my stupid computer.

But slow computer or not, I liked this chapter! It's a falling action chapter, so it worked. The lack of Sean in this chapter (as in him physically being there) was a little upsetting, but I understand why he couldn't be there. And I love how you worked your story title into Adam's last line! The whole title too, not just the one that appears with the story. Very clever!

Thanks for the update and Merry Christmas if I don't get to talk to you before then! :)
12/20/2010 c41 Evil Dr. Yoho
I don't know about everyone else, but this chapter was satisfying enough for me! No complaints! Is it really bad that I couldn't figure out who the shooter was until Eve shouted Cole's name? XD It's been so long since I left my last review that I forgot who my original guess was. But I'm not going to lie. This story has been on the back of my mind for the last month. It's about time you updated!

I also don't know where anyone else stands on this, but I'm not upset that Courtney's going to die. Sorry, but that girl was a bitch and we all know it! But that scene between her and Adam was super adorable, even though I don't like Courtney.

My thoughts on everyone else: I'm glad Sean's alive, I don't like Ryan very much, if Joey was real I'd be his best friend and Cole has guts. The end! Update soon! :)
12/20/2010 c41 3J.S Heya
I'm back! Haha. Well, this chapter was great. I just didn't get the last sentence of the chapter though. Can I have a bit of explanation please? I'm all in my good mood and I can't wait for the next one of who will die and who will live and whether it's happy or not.
12/20/2010 c41 2bridgettblah
Oh my...This sure was exciting! Gosh, the last sentence made me smile, like, really smile! Hehe, I wuv Adam xDD And he didn't die! Sean cant die either. Got it?
12/20/2010 c41 7SapphireofMystery
Yay, a new chapter. I've been meaning to reveiw FMBYG to tell you that I actually do like that one better. I'm on like, chapter 29 with the prom date talk and all. I was reading that when I saw I got a message on facebook. It was sliver of silver, who also happens to be my best friend, and she said that chapter 41 was up and I knew what she meant. My other friend just finished this story saturday night and i introduced yet another friend to yet yesterday. I can't wait to tell them this chapter is up. Anyway, for some strange reason, I really don't like Ryan. I don't know why...from the first sentence of this chapter, I knew it was Cole. I don't know why, it just hit me. I was like,who is it, who is it, who is it,I still couldn't beleive this, COLE! That's basically what went through my mind. I was kinda hoping to finish ur other story b4 this chapter was up so I could have another shot at guessing, but whatever. And now my review is getting so long that this window is doing that thing where it doesn't show me what I write anymore and I always lose my place if I stop typing and I make so many mistakes...u kno what I'm talking about? Anyway, this chapter was great, I hope u update soon, and I'm gonna go call sliver of silver now and then read the rest of FMBYG, tho I sud b doing my history project...u kno i always seem to ignore that speciifc project 4 this story, but c'mon, this is so much more interesting than a history project, even if said proejct is a creative storybook type thing that I love doing. Anyway, I'm gonna go now so I can read FMBYG...and talk to sliver of silver. update!
12/20/2010 c41 4Alexilaihorox
You have a really bad habit of making me cry haha Well...it was more just a tear or two here and there and a lot of "aw's" lol

And...yeah...I actually really like Ryan...will Sean and Adam end up with him and their mom in the end? Please? They all just kinda...deserve to be together, you know? lol

...I never actually really liked Cole...and even though he saved them and all...is it bad that I still don't really like him? lol I'm not even sure why I don't...maybe it's because for the longest time he didn't like the twins haha I don't really know...

But anywho...this is still one of my favorite stories and I'm waiting for the next one haha XD
12/20/2010 c41 6sliver of silver 101
COLE! oh, cole. wow. cole. cole.

okay, moving on.

so great chapter! :D i really liked Adam's last line. and have i mentioned how i LOVE the twins' bond? (
12/20/2010 c41 3thenutrunningthenuthouse
Yeah, I agree. This was a satisfying chapter, don't you worry. Wow, seeing the fact that Courtney will die, it feels so weird knowing I was a part of that. The C/A scene was really sweet and a good end to their relationship (not romantic). I feel the same way as Adam when it comes to who he is. Is he Parker or Tarentella? I can't decide for him. XP

Also, I vote Sean dies. Like, that you'll kill him. Dunno, it still just feels right. Also, I SO KNEW Cole killed Steve. One point for me! :D

I have soo much writing to do over the break. I'm editing the book before TDE (it's still on the website). This editor is having me change some character personalities so it's a lot harder than when editing TDE, but I'm happy coz I get to make Jack have real motives (I can PM you about them if you wish...they're some of my best). Then I gotta finish 4 or 5 chapters in NE so it'll be finished before 2011.

Good luck with finishing Heartbreaker and Merry Early Christmas.
12/13/2010 c40 ScribbledLoves
No! Are you kidding me? Why on Earth are you doing this to me? Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, how am I supposed to sleep now? You have got to be kidding. Oh my, why? WHY?. Sorry this took me so long to review but my wi-fi was messed up! Can I guess who shot Steve? Okay, so I don't think it was Joey cause that's too obvious so for some reason I think it's either Cole, DawnMarie or Chelsea. Oh shit, what if Courtney did it? Or is she dead? I don't know anymore xD.'. What if Eve's mom did it? Holy shit that'd be completely amazing. So either Cole, DawnMarie, Chelsea, Courtney or Eve's mom. Those are my guesses? How close am I? And yes, I still wanna know what Courtney cracked in Sean's body. And is Steve really dead? Or does he have nine lives? Oh cliffhangers... you see what they do?
12/12/2010 c40 6sliver of silver 101
so. ohmygod i dont even know what to say anymore. i've been sitting here ALL FREAKING DAY reading your story - no joke - and now i'm at the end (so far) and i can't think of a single thing to say. Sapphire of Mystery down there (why isn't there a button on my keyboard with an arrow pointing down? there's one pointing up. and left and right. wtf. but anyway -) is one of my best friends and i swear to god, we've been sitting here freaking out about your story all weekend. :D just wanted to let you know.

so sean's my favorite. and even though i dont want it to be, i'm thinking that sean's the one who shot steve. but if he did...wouldn't he go to jail? god, this is so annoying.

and i also wanted to tell you that your characters are really believable. even the ones that we dont know that well. i'm freaking jealous.

and the whole twin thing that's there. how they're the only things that really matter to each other and the whole "twins weren't the same" thing.
12/12/2010 c40 CraziiFlop
My goodness that was EPIC! Wow, just wow! The story was amazing and this chapter was a true masterpiece! All I want to know now is who killed Steve? What's going to happen after that? Is Courtney going to live? Will Jack go back to jail? Will Sean and Adam go and live with their mother and father? Will Chasity and Monica be okay? Will SEan stay lonely? Are any of them going to die? How did Sean survive? How did Adam survive? Will Dawn and Eve be more civil after everything is over? What happened to Lance? Is Lance okay?

So many questions! I hope I'm not bothering you with them :o

Amazing story so far, keep writing! ;]

12/12/2010 c40 7SapphireofMystery
Wow. WOW! Okay, so I'm obviously a new reviewer. I honestly can't remember when I started reading this story. It was a long time ago. A few months. I got to the part where Sean pretended to be Adam for the first time to work with Eve on "thier" project. Too funny, by the way. After that, I started getting much slower with my reading until I altogether stopped due to my workload from my wonderful junior year IB Program teachers. Then, I got to chapter 18 last month. I got to chapter twenty something yesterday and ignored my huge history project to read this story all day. Then I hung out with my friends, came back ready to pass out, and read the rest of this story, which completely woke me up. I'm completely hooked and I recommend this story to everyone I know who likes to read. I'm too hooked to this masterpiece. It's truly genius-really! You are so talented. This is absolutely the best story on this whole site. This is the funniest story I've ever read...you know, up until the serious chapters which are also very good. There were so many times when I wanted to reveiw but I wanted to get to the end. I obviously can't recall everything I wanted to say and there;s so much more I want to put in here that I can't, but I'll try to get in the important parts. I wish I had a chance to vote. I thought you were finished with the story but obviously not. There is nothing bad I can say about this story or your writing except that you have a few grammer and spelling mistakes (I'm an annoying stickler for that sort of stuff, so sorry) and I'm usually a pretty critical person since I love to write too. I see you haven;t updated in quite a while but I hope you haven't given up on this story or abandonned it. Think about how Sean and Adam felt when they thought Michelle left them. Don't do that to your story! I really hope you update as soon as a college student possibly can. If you decide you want to read my story on this site, please don't. It's honestly an awful piece of shit that I wrote about seve years ago. It's called Mysticala and you're welcome to read anything else I put up on this site besides that one. Finally, who shot Steve? It could've been Joey. That was kinda implied. Maybe Lance...we haven't heard from him in a while...I'm not very perceptive so I'm not gonna be right. But there was someone important missing according to Adam and I know he loves Joey (so do I) but I can't help thinking its someone else he's thinking about and I think that's the person who shot Steve. But who is it? Could it possibly be Courtney? I don't think so. I'm probably completely wrong. And now my reveiw is so long I can't even see what I'm writing anymore if you know what I mean which you would only know about if you've ever submitted this long of a review. Anyway, I love all your characters, especailly Sean. Since Steve is dead, does that mean this story is almost over? so sad! anyway, i'll end it here just saying please update this story!
12/11/2010 c40 KidNextDoor
Just read the story =D I love Sean's puns.I think Joey's the saviour. I don't think I can type a review for the whole of the story so far on my PSP so I'll just leave short comments/questions for now. I hope you make a POV for Steve I want to know if he has other emotions. I thought of MCR's "The Only Hope For Me Is You" alot in these past chapters. I also expect a flash back of a time where Steve cared for the twins. I hope to read more from you.
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