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for I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker

12/8/2010 c40 1GoldenIvy
Wow, you're a really really great author. I love this story and especially Adam and Sean... They're just awesome. Plain and simple :)

Update soon? That was a cruel cliffhanger :(
12/3/2010 c40 Hannicki
Hm I don't know, for some reason I could picture it being Eve's mom because that would be REALLY unexpected plus, I KNOW you said that she was helping Cole and Sean when Eve went over to help. Plus, Sean's gun was taken and he said that he didn't see anyone come over which would make sense if it was Eve's mom because she was already THERE! Oh yeah,I'm kind of confident over this choice XD
12/3/2010 c40 4Hannicki
First of all, if Sean's dead, you're dead. Second, you said Joey was missing so I'm thinkin' it's obviously him Pahahahaha XD I really love this story but I would REALLY love it if Sean didn't die or end up paralyzed and lived happily ever after with Eve ^.^ I wanted to cry when Sean got shot and fell off of the bridge T^T not so much Adam, no one cares about him... Just kidding Pahaha but I really almost cried T^T I LOVED the flash back! It made my life lol I was trying to picture Sean and Adam as thirteen year olds with short hair and a nice uncle pahahaha needless to say, I got a headache Pahaha but I loved it it was so cute XD well until nexttime XD I heart you and your lovable story characters ;)
11/28/2010 c40 rosegirl1114
Aww that cliffhanger was mean. But there are a lot of possibilities as to who shot him. I'm thinking either Sean or Courtney because someone was missing and i accounted everyone that was there. But i think courtney died. No she was just shot. Right? I think i talk too much. Anyway, when steve died, i laughed. I screamed "YES! THE MOTHERFUCKER FINALLY DIED!" and danced around my room. I almost cried at this chapter too, but then i realized that they were all alive. This cliffhanger really was mean though and this story is so good, keeps me wanting more.
11/26/2010 c40 I 3 JD
Wow, what a chapter! I think that Joey shot Steve. You didn't mention him a lot in this chapter and I can see it happening. If it's not Joey, then it's either DawnMarie or Cole. After the CPR thing with Sean, I think Chelsea's too much of a wimp to shoot someone. But I still like her despite her helpless sidekick tendencies.

Thanks for not killing Sean! Now, keep it that way! I forgave you for killing a lot of people in your other story, but I don't think I can be as forgiving with this one. And I think Courtney's death is inevitable, so I won't beg for you to keep her alive. Update soon!
11/23/2010 c40 2I love happy endings '94
This is classified as cruel and unusual torture and I am really hating u at the moment please, please update SOON! BTW I'm now on SUMMER HOLIDAYS, i just had to say that buh-bye


11/22/2010 c40 irisherin1488
Oh my god! That was a way better chapter than I thought it would be. I thought it would be way more sad I was even prepared to take that kleenex box, but mostly I just had my mouth hanging open the entire time lol! The only person I think that could have shooted Steve was Joey, but I just don't feel like it was him because why would Adam be so shocked? Well, I don't know it probably is Joey lol! Update soon! Love the story! TTFN!
11/22/2010 c40 Evil Dr. Yoho
I must be tired. It took me about 10 minutes to remember how to leave a review. I kept clicking on your review count rather than the leave a review button at the bottom of the page. I believe that was, in your famous words, an epic fail! XD (That is what you say, right? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else? Bleh. I hate studying for tests until 3:30 in the morning...)

BUT, now that said test is done, I had enough time to read your new chapter. And first off, I have to say: THANK GOD! It's about time Steve died! And Mark! I actually thought Jack would kill Steve. But after he killed Mark, knowing you (or at least your writing style), I knew you wouldn't make him kill Steve too. I'm trying to remember who was behind Steve. Eve was with Jack, who you said was in front of Steve. It obviously wasn't Sean since he's most likely paralyzed. So that would leave...

1. Maria (which I kind of doubt...but you never know...)

2. Cole (which is believeable, even with a broken leg. He's still mobile, after all. But would he be able to move around as stealthily as Steve's killer did with said broken leg?)

3. DawnMarie (which I can see after turning her new leaf.)

4. Chelsea (which I can also see, but I don't think it was her.)

5. Joey (which I can totally see happening.)

I don't think it was Ryan, because he and the other cops were also in front of Steve, and it obviously wasn't Courtney or Adam. So, out of the five I mentioned above, I'm going to guess that the shooter was either DawnMarie or Joey. But don't tell me if I'm right beforehand! I don't want you to spoil it!

You know what? This review is really long. And it woke me up. I normally don't think like this when I'm half asleep drooling all over my laptop! XD I was going to take a nap, but I don't think I need it anymore! Update soon so I can find out if I was right or not! :)
11/21/2010 c20 YinYangCoolHotLoveHate123
i LOVE this story! :) cant wait for next chapter~ HANDCUFFS! DAWNMARIE!
11/21/2010 c40 2bridgettblah
*Stops breathing*

-Dramatic pause-

Oh my GOD I friggen love this! I cant even guess who shot Steve -Finally- But, I cant wait till the next chapter xDD
11/21/2010 c40 1danni-loves-too-reid
I still hate you ! Im glad sean and adam are okay though . && ther gnna live but Sean wil be paralyzed and joey killed steve and jack will go back to jail for killing watever his face . && ohmygosh this is too much . Im sccared for your last story i cant even go back to it when i finished i never clicked that story again . Ah but omg chelsea or dm with sean right even though he will be paralyzed and adam is gonna be okay . But i swear to god if another one of my fa charcters die im gona literrally kill you [: ( or did courtney kill steve cuz we havent heard from her )
11/21/2010 c40 Live4Lolz
Woo! It's about time everyone died! (Lol, j/k. That sounded a lot more morbid than I thought it would...)

Anyway, I'm glad Steve and Mark are finally dead! Woah...all three Parker brothers are now dead. That's a weird thought. (Sorry, I'm kinda scatter-brained today!)

What a way to end the chapter! This certainly is the meanest cliffhanger ever! But, as you know, I'm a master at decoding forshadowing. You said the person who shot Steve was behind him, right? Well, if I remember correctly, Ryan wasn't behind him. None of the cops were because Steve backed away from all of them. But what about Sean's gun? The one he dropped earlier in the fight that went missing? You never mentioned where it went. If a cop didn't shoot him, that would explain where the gun that killed Steve came from.

Woo, long-winded train of thoughts finished! So I think I'll send you a PM telling you who I think it is. You know I never like to reveal things in my reviews because I'm ALWAYS right! :) Hope you can update sometime within your Thanksgiving break!
11/21/2010 c40 4Alexilaihorox
Oh AmazingGrace91...I totally love you in the not-creepy way haha XD

You can't believe how much this chapter brightened my day..or night :P lol Adam and Sean are alive...(at the moment)...Mark and Steve are dead...Ryan is there for his babies...and yes. That was a very good chapter. Much better(emotionally-wise)than the last one haha

And I really suck at this guessing stuffs...but. Yeah...I don't even think I'm gonna try lol XD I'll just wait for the next amazing chapter to come out and find out that way haha

Cannot wait for the next one! Me and Friend one are really excited for it!
11/20/2010 c40 fullybooked
Joey did it ? I'm so sure of it! Man this is o e of the worst cliff hanger I have ever read! My gosh! Where was Joey all this time I mean everyone was somewhere but Joey's name hasn't popped out in a while.
11/20/2010 c40 3thenutrunningthenuthouse
Haha, I'm really burned out from being out all day so this review may be a bit of gibberish. Since I'm delirious, I find it kind of amusing that you named Steve Steve. Like, I think of Steve as the one from Blue's Clues. Images of Steve from BC shooting people then being shot in the back of teh head... XDD

Ryan to the rescue! I suppose. I'm wondering if Sean will leave. Some evil part of me wants that to happen for the drama of the story and its conclusion. XD I remember, I voted Sean for the Sean/Cole vote way back when.

I think...maybe Eve? Adam? I think it was one of the kids who shot Steve. Or Cole, cause it's Unexpected Hero.

Okay, my death numbers in the end:

Steve (well no duh), probably Sean. Maybe Jack, I'm not sure. But everyone's still going to hospital once the ambulances arrive.

Lol you don't have to tell me your college if you don't want to. I just wanna see what a college with a versatile writing program looks like.

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