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6/9/2011 c50 6brit02
Ok, so I'm going to be honest. I didn't read through this. BUTTTTTT I'm so glad the "Cole" vote won because if Sean had died...I would have stalked you. And maybe hurt you ;)

...That's a joke.


Soooo yeah. Great story, didn't notice the slip ups and have a great life! :D
6/9/2011 c49 brit02
Awesome ending :D It was tres cute :) I enjoyed reading this so much! It was well written and the characters are lovable (mostly). I didn't expect the Joey/DM pairing at the end, but it works out really nicely :) I love happy endings! :D
6/8/2011 c50 Live Laugh Love Forever
Hi! I'm Alice's friend that reviewed ur story a long long time ago! Idk wat chaper that was but it was forever ago! But i finished this one this morning and Alice helped me make this name up so i can save favorite stories and leave reviews and do stuff like that. Alice is her name btw. You probs new that by now since her name is Alice in reality now. but she liked to use the whole JD thing cause Jonny Depp is her fav actor!

But anyways this story was so good! I loved it and Sean and Cole and all of them! My fav part in the whole story had to be wen Sean got atacked by barney who was realy Joey in the end! That was cool! :) I also liked that tape thing they played when they graduted and such. Sean jumping on Adam giving him a hug was cute! Everything in tis story was cute! Exept for the ending thing with Steve and everyone getting shot. That wasn't good! I didn't rely like Courtny so I wasn't to sad wen she died but i liked Garret and cried when Steve shot him! :'( But other then that this was realy good and i loved it loved it loved it! get it published so i can read it all the time!

til your next story!

6/8/2011 c48 brit02
That video had me laughing so hard tears were streaming out of my eyes. Though, I'm still expecting some sort of sad twist...
6/8/2011 c47 brit02
Ok, so happy ending. Yay? The way you phrased that last bit has me suspicious... Though I loved the dinner banter :)
6/8/2011 c46 brit02
Yay Sean and Cole! Whoo-hoo! I could see a lot of Cole/Sean fandoms being created from this chapter...but then again, anyone who likes guy/guy weird pairings (like Draco/Harry, seriously?) would have had a Cole/Sean fandom created from the get-go. Ah, you know what I mean...
6/8/2011 c45 brit02
Sorry this review is so late- I know how long your chapters are and I haven't had the time!

I like that Eve and Adam are going to meet Mallory and everything, but the way you spun this tale makes it seem as if Sean and Mal are 'star-crossed lovers'. I don't know if that's your intention or anything...

And when Adam steps on the gas in the first part, instead of slamming against the headboard, Eve should have slammed back into her seat...if he braked really hard, that's when she would go forward. Just thought I'll point it out :)
6/8/2011 c50 Alice in Reality
Hey! I know, I know...I signed in! And I already reviewed pretty much every chapter of your story, but I wanted to point out that I guess I WILL have to use my pen name to review 'How to Catch a Killer' due to a technical problem I just discovered on the site.

You probably realized this by now, but the heart in my anonymous name (you know, the less than sign and the three that forms the heart) suddenly stopped showing up. Now it's I 3 JD. That looks stupid. It looks like my laziness is over. ...I hope you realized who I was before the second paragraph. I'd feel so stupid otherwise!

So I guess I'll be considered Alice in Reality from here on out! I'm currently helping a friend of mine (who left you a review forever ago on here) create a pen name, so she'll probably leave you a review sometime soon. I wanted to give you a heads up. I'm sure the second she leaves you a review you'll remember her. She's like a hyperactive chipmunk. She just finished your story this morning, so she has a lot to say. And I know I already said it, but I'll say it again for good measure: great job! :)
6/6/2011 c50 1danni-loves-too-reid
Awww :( the end . Both your stories sent me on an emotional trip I wouldn't believe I'd get from reading . I wish I was as good as you . I have ideas they just never leave my brain . Your twisted . Idunno but thanks for filling my endless hours of boredem with excitment . :)
6/6/2011 c50 ilikeeunicorns
I find it absolutely amazing that I decided to listen to 3OH!3's song, "Double Vision," at the time that I read your story! You did a great job... You could work on your grammar though!
6/5/2011 c50 I 3 JD
This was simply amazing. There aren't enough words to describe how great this ending was! I loved everything about it; the humor, the heartwarming moments, the in-your-face-moments (as in, when Joey got in Kate's face) and most importantly, the happily ever after. :) It was one of my favorite stories on fictionpress, and I have a feeling 'How to Catch a Killer' will be on that list with it! Maybe I'll stop being lazy and actually sign into my penname to leave reviews for that story. We'll see. :)

My favorite part in the last two chapters was Sean and Mallory's sweet icing-filled kiss. It got an aww out of me! :)

My favorite fun fact at the end was that you were a stripper in your high school's play. I never saw 'Guys and Dolls' before, but my aunt loves it. She never mentioned strippers being in it, though!

I loved it and can't wait for more of your wonderful work. Great job!
6/4/2011 c50 7SapphireofMystery
Ahh, its over? That so sad! I can’t believe it already over! I’m so freaking glad you didn’t kill Sean cuz u know I love him and if u killed Sean I would seriously come after you for killing him and Aiden. I already hate that Aiden died and though I liked Evan, I wanted Lizzy to marry Aiden, not Evan. DawnMarie and Joey? I wasn’t expecting that! It was kinda random. Hah, Kate is such a bitch! I’m glad Tom is Joey’s brother because I really liked him even though he was a small character, but making him Joey’s brother put him in the story more. And I’m glad you made Joey’s part larger too cuz he’s my favorite character after Sean. It’s funny you wanted to name spell Sean’s name S-H-A-W-N. I always liked that spelling better than S-E-A-N until now. Cole’s a favorite of mine too. I kinda thought he’d become straight or bi and end up with Chelsea but I guess not. Sean and Mal, Adam and Eve, four and four letters and three and three, though Mal’s full name is Mallory and you could call her but nobody really calls Eve ‘Evelyn.’ Sean and Mal are so cute! I love them! I’m kinda glad you didn’t end the story fully because now I can imagine that Adam and Sean went to college together and Eve and Mal and all of Eve’s friends went to the same one and its nearby so DM and Joey can see each other. Mal’s a year older than Eve right? The Hot Topic singing scene was so funny! You know, I’m super sad that Garrett died, and I’m glad Adam and Sean found their Mom and all and I love Megan, but I’m kinda sad that Diana’s not gonna adopt Adam and Sean. I can totally see them being over protective brothers though! That’d be cute . You try to read all your reviewers stories? That’s a lot of stories! I can’t wait to read How To Catch a Killer! But I’m so sad Heartbreaker is over. I might not have told u this, but I ended up liking Heartbreaker more than FMBYG b/c the awe of FMBYG wore off. I remembered what I wanted to say about your triple post from last time. First off, I thought Garrett was 36, not 35? Second, I know Adam and Eve are supposed to be together, but I always thought Adam and Courtney were cuter. I never thought about Courtney and Sean but that scene in chapter 45, 46, or 47 was super cute. And the scene with Adam and Sean and Steve when Steve was nice was cute too. Who knew Steve had a heart? What made him like this? Was it just that he found out Adam and Sean weren’t Will’s sons? But wasn’t he mean before that? I really wonder about him. Adam and Sean’s interview with Taylor was hilarious. ‘Thank Colin’ was a nice touch. It just had to be there! One thing though that I noticed was that Eve’s character never really developed. I feel like she’s kinda just a blob when she’s supposed to be as much a protagonist as Adam and Sean were. I remember when I first found this story I didn’t know what to think and the first chapter just made it seem “normal” if u know what I mean and it turned out to be this crazy story which led me to read FMBYG, another crazy story and now I love ur work! But ur summary for this story doesn’t really fit. Sean and Cole kissed, hahaha! I was just waiting for that to happen! Sean never did say who kisses better, guys or girls. Eve punches u in the gut, haha. I actually did catch that thing about Biggie Smalls cuz I read ur profile. SO this has got to be the longest review ever! I typed it out on word b/c I didn’t want my parents 2 c the review screen cuz they r mad at me 4 some school thing so I can’t be “wasting time,” so I might have to post this in two reviews! Anyway, great job and I’m waiting to read How to Catch a Killer though at this point, I think I’ll like FMBYG and Heartbreaker more, but you never know. P.S, any couples in HtCaK? I love best friend couples (Aubrey and Brett)! Fantastic story, definitely try to get it published for real!
6/4/2011 c49 irisherin1488
Oh my God! Best ending ever! Lol I'm so sad that it's over though, I'm rereading it now. I didn't tell you though that I'm almost finished reading FMBYG and I like it a lot, but I still like I'm in Love With a Professional Heartbreaker more, I think it's because I read it first I don't know lol, I'm defeniatly going to read How to Catch a Killer though so you can look forward to my reviews when it comes out. :) Love the story, you're an amazing writer and I hope to read more of your work in the future! -Erin
6/4/2011 c50 rebell-like-crazy
It's over. I don't know if I'm happy that I finally got to see the way everything played out or sad that I won't get to read more hilarious things they do.:)

The ending is amazing. The whole story is amazing. Please try to get it published!

6/3/2011 c50 Live4Lolz
AG91! YOU NAMED BRETT'S LITTLE SISTER AFTER ME! :DDD Did you do that on purpose or did you do that a while ago and it's just a coincidence? I'm going to be upset if that was just a coincidence. If it was...can we pretend it wasn't? xD 'Cept my last name isn't Zarzetta. You know what it is, and it's a helluva lot weirder! Having a double last name is kind of sucky. D: But did I mention that Zarzetta is an awesome last name? Where the heck did you get that from? If you just made that up out of nowhere, then I'll be twice as amused. Lmao!

...That felching fun fact...omg. That should be more of a scary fact than a fun fact. Sorry AG, but I went against your advice and googled it anyway. All I have to say is...A A A H H H! I wish I didn't! DX Why didn't I listen to y o o o o o u?

Joey was my favorite character too. Shock shock. Chelsea was my least favorite because she was kind of annoying. Well...Monica sucked too, but Chelsea was my least favorite in the main group.

I'm glad you mention me so fondly in the HtCaK section of this chapter! xD It's like I got my own special...kind of threatening-sounding...shout-out! Just because I guessed the Tom/Joey relationship twist doesn't mean I'll guess the twist to your next story. But we both know that I most likely will. O:) You'll still like me whether I guess it or not though. You can't live without my AMAZING reviews! xD Without all my reivews for this story, you'd be down 50 reviews. That's depressing, ain't it? Lol!

Like previously mentioned, I will definitely read HtCaK! I would shorten it to "Killer", but that sounds scary. But I will read it! NOW POST IT. No pressure though! xD
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