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7/5/2017 c3 omgxD
This story deserves more reviews! It's so awesome, and I love all the characters so far (okay...maybe not Xaleren and some other people...but mainly everyone) Out of the three boys so far, I think the first one is my favorite. He's not as weak as the others, not that weakness is a bad thing, but I tend to like the feisty ones better. And I love his sister so freaking much, they have a really close connection. And I hope that sorry girlfriend of his feels guilty when she realizes "I should've dated him...but now he's gone and disappeared..." My friends favorite is the second one, and our hearts feel for him, I mean, not having your voice must suck a lot. And the last one...is has it the worst. All of them are in bad situations, tbh. And about Xaleren, it might be more interesting if someone said no, or is he using some weird spell on them to make them say yes? I can understand the last one saying yes, but the other two? Not really. Anyways, this story is so awesome! It's been years since you updated and of course, I'm always reading discontinued stories hoping the author will update...on day...hopefully. Please update soon, I want to see the rest of the boys, how Xaleren treats them (Which is most likely terrible), and if they escape from him!

Cheers, Insanity, and Cupcakes,

8/28/2011 c3 4OvensInTheBandHall
I would LOVE to see this story continued! It's awesome!

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