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5/20/2010 c6 3Site-3
OMG I need more or I'll die of no AIR! You know you want to keep me alive so UPDATE! Please do it now!

Your so Super Smexy Awesome that I can't stop creaming my pants when I read your stories! Oh man if you we're only a guy... and gay...and a freak like me... and knew the kama sutra... "oh well."

Love ya!
2/9/2010 c5 lovin the world
omg you must update saoon i love it its soo cool plz update soon its awsome sauce
1/1/2010 c3 3Mickey T
Wait...so is he gay?
12/23/2009 c2 Domina Noctis
Umm, this reminds me immensly of the movie Sky High, like a lot, but hopefully it's not too similar.
12/15/2009 c1 Pooooooooooop
Hm interesting summary and prologue. I'd like to see where this goes.

Hey, check out my new story "Shadow the World" or others like "The Heart That Loves You" and "Hereafter!"

Reviews and Commentary much appreciated!

-Kelsey Miranda

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