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2/13/2010 c3 28howdylv08
Aw at first I thought it was going to pertain to a breakup of something saddening, but it is so cute! I love how you use actual references-real references. Your characters are always painted out clearly in my mind and I love that. Great job again!

Sophie :3
2/1/2010 c2 53the prophet apathetic
Now that. Is some damn. Fine. Poetry.
1/24/2010 c2 28howdylv08
Aw. Short but sweet, I like it.

Keep at it!

Sophie :3
12/15/2009 c1 howdylv08
Naw, this is so adorable. I can see everything you described perfectly. For some reason, in the beginning I thought it would be one of those creepy stories. Like he would take her by the pond and rape her. But I was pleasntly surprised. Good job with the normality (they didn't do anything a normal human wouldn't... and they had coffee). I really liked it. It would be so cool if you continued this for a bit longer (I'd like to know names. And what the girl looks like). Fantastic!

Sophie :3

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