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3/1/2011 c23 starry eyez

What is with people? Can't anyone come up with any original ideas without trying to steal someone else's? I'm sorry this has happened, I love your stories and it must be very frustrating for you to have to go through this.
2/28/2011 c23 5flowingypsy
I would like to say that I am so sorry that you have been plagiarised. The rate of plagiarism has risen so high this month and I want to say I am standing behind you on your choice.

I really don't understand what is going on in people's minds.
2/28/2011 c23 iluvkittens
that's horrible :(( i hope you'll never be plagiarized again because in my opinion it's the worse kind of stealing.they steal your hardwork and time which are a lot more important than a possession
2/27/2011 c23 2the.beat.of.my.heart
That is really horrible! I hope no one else plagiarizes your stories! I really have enjoyed 'Sweet Ireland Air' so I will definitely be emailing you. Again, sorry that some people just don't have a conscience and ruin it for everyone else. But keep writing and hope to see your stories published one day!
2/27/2011 c23 2dblack50
I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! I hate that people abuse sites like this. It ruins it for writers and readers. You are an amazing writer, and sadly, that makes you a target. You know I would love to be added to the new website. If it is easier to email you, I will. My email is if you need it.

Again, so sorry you have to deal with this. :-(
2/27/2011 c23 Jazminemy
Hi there, I just wanted to say that I've been reading your story off and on (when I notice updates, as I'm usually not logged in on account of forgetting) but before I ramble everywhere, I'm sorry you are getting plagiarized!

I hope that everything gets taken care of in a timely manner and that you don't have that happen to you again.

Keep up the wonderful work (& good luck when you do go to publish your stories in the future!)
2/27/2011 c23 Lovebyelove
:( That totally stinks. I still can't believe how low people can get just to plagiarize. I'm very sorry for that to happen because your work is amazing and some one to steal and then for them to act that the story is their own is very plain rude and a disgrace. A person that created this work on blood and sweat shouldn't experience this. You really don't deserve it

I'll keep in touch and check on your profile for their website, my email is the same name as my username, so you'll know i'm the official Lovebyelove. Since I don't have an account on here.
2/25/2011 c22 1souslapluie
So I'm a writer too, on that is, so I know how annoying it is to get hits and no reviews. I'll go back and review the other chapters too, I promise!

Anyway, onto the review:

When I read the description, I was like hmm, this could be intresting. And I was absolutely entranced by the title- I've always wanted to go to Ireland.

I have to admit that the first few chapters started out a little slow for me, but as soon as Rhys's character was introduced, I was absolutely hooked. I had to see how Chevy and Rhys would come together, if they did at all. Which I was pretty sure they would.

Overall, I absolutely love the story, it has just the right amount of everything in it. And I'm not even kidding here, when I read the phone call with Chevy finding out about her father's death, my eyes welled up. And I really, really want to punch Aidan. Lydia I don't mind too much, but I really can't stand Chevy's brother.

Not to mention that Rhys's greif for Rose is so believable, it's kind of touching and heart warming, and at the same time I just want to shake him and be like, you stupid idiot, drinking can't solve all your problems! But I love him anyway because when he's not at the pub/drunk, he's actually a wonderful guy. And when he is at the pub/drunk, he's kind of adorable in his wallowing in his wife's death and his coming to terms with Chevy's place in his life.

Only one complaint; I understand that Chevy loves Alice, heck, I love Alice and she's just a fictional character! But it kind of bothered me how fast she moved into Rhys and Alice's life. At the same time though, it was almost nessecary. (sorry if I mispelled that last word there, I can never spell it!)

But I want to leave you with a happy parting, and it is this:

I really enjoyed your story, a lot, and I really meant it when I said that it has just the right amount of everything in it. I can't wait to read the next chapter!


2/23/2011 c22 Sunnyboy02
YAY! I love how this story is moving forward. I can't wait for the next update.
2/17/2011 c22 lovebyelove
Ah, a few days late, but still worth it. I can't believe she said yes! I hope doing the process of the engagement Rhys does figure out that feeling. I don't want the marriage just to be solely based on Alice and friendship. But you do need friendship with love.

There was some awkward sentences, but maybe just two. One was when she cut her hand, and it said "the bleeding was slowing already." And there was another one but I don't remember it.
2/16/2011 c22 4Gilly Bean2
I love reading this story, because I have voices for the characters in my head...that didn't come out how I wanted it to, haha! I mean, I sort of use my step-da's voice for Rhys (since he is from Ireland), and my college roommate was from Portland, so I use her voice for Chevy. It just makes it so much better when I use their voices to do the dialogue. Plus, I picture Rhys as my step-da's younger brother, Declan (he is quite a bit younger-12 years younger, only 4 years older than me, actually)...they both have that heartbroken, grief-stricken thing.

Anyway, I love the way that Chevy and Rhys interact with one another, and the way they work together in the kitchen in this chapter in particular. I also love the sentence "You're the new nanny at the Gallagher place, then?" because it is very much a sentence I would hear in Ireland. You've done a good job with the language...and I like that you only occasionally throw in a phonetic word, instead letting the reader work out the accent on their own. Well. A crying baby beckons.

2/15/2011 c22 2dblack50
I have missed this story! So glad you are back at it.

If drunk Rhys was appealing, sober Rhys is nearly impossible to resist. Their "courting" is so sweet and tender while still keeping you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next! I love it.
2/13/2011 c22 11Tecna

It's been an age... Oh well, nevermind.

I hope everything is well?

But, I'm sorry that my review is late. I couldn't access the computer yesterday, because there's some work going on in my room, and there will be again today. So, before it starts, I thought I'd better review.

Oh! I really had to stop myself from squealing like a schoolgirl with a crush! .

I absolutely love this chapter! It has a natural flow to it, in terms of everything just fitting together perfectly.

They're engaged! Or betrothed... whichever's correct.

Now then... you know what next. I shouldn't have to say it, but I will.

UPDATE! Please, please, please, please, please, please UPDATE! And SOON! I can't wait for more!

Tecna ;)

P.S. I can't even remember whether I added this story to favourites (most likely have), but I'll do it again, and again, and again.
2/12/2011 c22 Paper Kisses and Red Boats
Have to say, its wonderful to know I've made someone laugh, after all, it's free medicine ;)

On topic, I squealed in utter delight in this chapter. Very happy that Chevy's answer is a yes.

Off topic, if your mind can come up with a story, then by all means go, as I fan-girl-spasm on the side~
2/12/2011 c22 1JustWords
Gulp... WOW! The Answer finally arrived! I think I'm in a happy shock... can't wait to see what else you have in store for them :D
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