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7/23/2012 c1 marshak
I love how this guy is awesomely naughty...like you know he's going to eat the last slice and not pay you back-again- and hog the remote, but it's sooo totally worth it, as long as he smiles that oh-so-innocent smile, or smirks down at you when he ...uuum... flicks his wrist in that certain way.
9/10/2011 c6 dramalover21
Ah! This story is getting so good; is it still being updated at all elsewhere?
1/17/2010 c6 layne
Hm, I think this story would be better suited as M. Just the subject matter, the sex demons and all, makes it seem like it belongs as an M story rather than T. Plus, everybody loves kinky sex scenes, and I think it would make for more of an interesting read and give you more leeway in making it a bit more twisted.
12/28/2009 c6 1VanillaCentaur
Alright, I'm sorry, I said I was going to try and get through this last night, but I got a little caught up in my sketches. In any case, this new story is definitely interesting. In fact, I'm looking forward to the next chapter already.

If I was Lara, I would NOT trust anything Lizabet (did I spell that right?) says, or Solus for that matter (though I do like his name). I think she should ask her monotonous teacher what he knows about incubus and succubus, kuz he probably knows quite a bit more than her. :P

Anyhow, delighted, as usual.
12/27/2009 c5 1Juriya
Rating? M, M, M, M! :P

this is superbly creepy and well written :)
12/26/2009 c6 SlowDownAndBreathe
so good! keep it up :)
12/25/2009 c6 fuwafuwafuwari
Merry Christmas! And thanks for posting of course~
12/25/2009 c6 charm en route
I wasn't really going to leave a review today, but your little 'press it. you know you want to' message convinced me.

When Solus' sister said that she already found someone to be his prize for winning, I wonder who she meant. At first I thought it'd be Lara, but I'm not sure. Whatever. [:

Happy holidays!
12/24/2009 c6 2pacific.babe
I LOVE YOU for updateing so QUICK!

'scuse me whilst i read the chappie now :P
12/24/2009 c6 crackatoa
I finally got around to reading this story and I am so glad that I did. I love it! The concept is very interesting and I can't wait to see where this goes.
12/24/2009 c6 1Xanthe P
I wish I could write a miles-long review, but I am tired, unfortunately. D:

Wow, what a nerve-wracking morning for Lara. I'd be so jittery that I'd be like a total mess. So many shadows appearing and disappearing! And then breaking the mirror too... creepy. Oh, but it was amusing when Elizabeth popped up after and made him feel like a little kid who just lost a fight over a toy or something. They have such a cute relationship. :D

(But maybe because I'm all for sisters torturing brothers, HAHA)

Has Solus already made an agreement with Sue? And aw, the leopard's back! It's so adorable. I still wonder what it represents... Elizabeth's seen it before, so...

Ah, the ending was so cool. But I'd probably have a heart attack if I was Lara! But wow, Elizabeth does have LOTS of power since she can make herself be seen.

Anyway, this is getting better and better, and I really wanna know what's going to happen now, so yay for quick updates, right? :)!

Haha, it feels like a chapter is never long enough to satisfy me. I'm such a fiction piggy. Keep up the awesome work!
12/23/2009 c6 3CynicalRomantic09
So I'm loving the interaction you have between Lizabet/Elizabeth and Solus. Their conversations are generally amusing and I'm looking forward to reading more scenes with them together.

I do think it was interesting that Lizabet has gone to "warn" Lara about her brother. It almost seems like she has to have more motivation behind the visit than simply trying to make Solus lose the bet. She appears to be a very sneaky character and I can't quite get a handle of her intentions yet.

One thing that I love about this story is that is by no means of the norm for FictionPress. You have a variety of personalities in this and that is definitely what keeps a story interesting. Like Solus has no problems with coming onto men or to women and it appears as though Lizabet doesn't either. That last bit of interaction between Lara and Lizabet was kind of sexually charged almost. Though it's not surprising considering what Lizabet is. Lol. That would be the most hilarious thing ever she tried to get Lara sexually revved, though it most like won't happen. Ha!
12/23/2009 c2 5NotABanana
I have to say, the reason I started reading this was because the main characters name is Lara and my name is Lara. And I was really excited. I'm glad I started this story, since thus far, it's fabulous. :)You have a lot of talent. Update soon!

12/23/2009 c6 1deltaphi
"over-active imagination"


*looks away guiltily*

My mum use to complain a lot about it when I was really young haha, :S

Can't wait for the next chap :)
12/23/2009 c6 Nono
Wow isn't she kind warning Lara of Solus, even if it is for her own sake. She must be one hell of a sadistic sister to take pleasure in seeing her brother squirm. I am quite thoroughly enjoying her character, every good story deserves a bitch. (: Lara is very rational and much too logical, almost refreshing from the various other types of heroines I've read. Quite frankly I think that this story won't be much about romance; mostly lust, hatred maybe even brinking on obsession (I think on Solus' part). And its not a bad thing considering the personalities of Lara and Solus. This story is becoming very interesting indeed.


P.S. loved the Shining reference.
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