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for Dropping the Act

7/27/2016 c1 NNE
love it
4/27/2016 c1 FlaminHot
Can you make this into a book because this is just amazeballs 3
4/26/2016 c1 listeninggame
This was awesome!
10/19/2015 c1 1somersaultkick
Ah crap this really made me smile like an idiot.
9/8/2015 c1 Camilla
How on earth did I miss this? PERFECTION. Gah no one writes ships like this like you. This is my ultimate joy in life. I LOVE THIS.
6/25/2015 c1 Chersparkle
One of my favourites. If only this was a whole fiction, could probably beat baby, I'm not finished. 3 Wonderful as usual.
2/13/2015 c1 J.V.S
12/18/2014 c1 Jess
Cool story! It was really interesting! :D
7/28/2014 c1 2bubublacz
I really liked this :D
12/12/2013 c1 daisukiklove
Sweet...I guess3
10/6/2013 c1 2rusty-reader998
3 the story :D
7/6/2013 c1 71AlysonSerenaStone
I liked it and your author's notes are so funny. I haven't read a story of yours that I have not liked, yet.
4/2/2013 c1 2Mlrox
This is so good! I loved it! Can you please write a sequel?
1/27/2013 c1 color outside the lines
Yes, yes this is awesome. I like the name, it does fit him. I really did like it and I don't mind the swears that much. Sometimes they're needed in a story. I didn't notice that many errors so it's all gooooood. If your other stories are as good as this one I'll have to check them out. :) Until you see me on your email again, BYE! :)
1/6/2013 c1 HeadOverHeelsInHate
Awwww! So freaking cute! Hehe! Quinlan and Launey are so cute! They're all badass and shtuff. I like the idea of how they slept beside each other.
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