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1/31/2010 c1 2chapsticklips
I really enjoyed this story, and becides the fact that I am almost falling asleep as I type this, I read it twice. Although, as much as I enjoyed it, I also found it somewhat confusing, in terms of at times it was difficult to know from who exactly the perspective was coming from, as some times it was coming from all over the place, then it was just the one person. As well as this, I think at times the ... between segments is a little redundant as to me, they suggest a 'later that day' rather than 'one month later' and this does actually make it difficult to understand what is happening, so frequently I've had to go back with knowledge that I didn't have upon commencing the segment of the story as it is confusing without these details being given beforehand. Also, I understand that reading between the lines and thinking cryptically about the actions and words of characters is a large part of the experience of reading short stories, at times I feel during the story that there was too much concentration on details that were confusing as the backstory was not given.. at times it feels like I am participating in a gossip session with a friend but she's holding out all the good juicy bits which give me details as to why certain events seem so monumental. Also, I found the line "But I didn’t. I never did" a bit confusing as I'm not really sure what 'never did', ignore his comments? dismiss him? I think there are a few lines throughout the story that are a little confusing in their subject. But, regardless of these things I enjoyed the chemistry between the two, and their banter and avoidance/denial of their feelings throughout. I really did adore the story, but with a few tweaks it could be enhanced greatly.
1/30/2010 c1 1checkyesdana
=) so complicated but so adorable =)
1/23/2010 c1 controlledsoul
This is a really awesome one-shot. Seriously. I mean, it's /just/ a one-shot, but it make me want to read more. And just within this one shot, so much happened. And I truly love your characters. They're original and the plot isn't totally cliche.

Love it.

Hope to see more from you :]
1/22/2010 c1 5AmandaHold
This was a really cute story. I loved the whole plot line of it. How they are with each other to cover up how they really feel about each other.
1/18/2010 c1 sdyedanney
loved it! hope u can write more stories... dying to read nmore... keep up the good work!
1/18/2010 c1 Minzy
This one-shot was hot ;)

Hahha keep up the great work!
1/18/2010 c1 not a truck



this is AMAZING

do you have any idea how long ive been looking for something EXACTLY like this? (sorry about the capitals but im a little excited right now!)

i absolutely loved it - any chance you'd make it full length? ;)
1/17/2010 c1 E. M. Isle
loved it. it's sweet, it's raw, it's honest, it's perfect! amazing oneshot. at first i was slightly confused, but at the end i just loved it. love love love :D keep up the great writing (:
1/16/2010 c1 TaMaWe
one word to describe this story:

1/13/2010 c1 Cydnee199
Oh, this was perfect! Really, REALLY awesome! Great job!
1/13/2010 c1 deletingbcfictiondidn'thelp
Absolutely delicious~! There's nothing more satisfying than jealousy in romance fiction XD It's like...chocolate. You know: you're favourite type, all melted and oozing, coating your tongue with delicious sensations and feelings of pure bliss and- *wipes away drool* Ahem. So, yeah Jealousy=Chocolate and this fic was pure Belgium goodness. Or Swiss. You know, whichever side you're rooting for.

V. well written, and a wonderful treat after a freezing day. I'd say I want more but me and sequels don't get along, so, yeah. But more writing's from you are always welcome!
1/12/2010 c1 16mizgardenia21
I loved this one! It was so ...just so...simply...words cannot describe what I'm feeling right now. I loved it.
1/9/2010 c1 forbidendreamer
luved how u ended it,great story..I hope u keep writing.u noe i cud actually feel their tension,i wish der wz an actual story 2 it den just a go but still keep up da gud job.
1/5/2010 c1 paquita
I absolutely love this oneshot! I've already read it a few times (which I never do) and I just love the way it flows and the characters! Great work!
1/5/2010 c1 1TumbleWeed23
Quinlan Reed is such a beautiful name... I always love your stories :-)
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