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for Dropping the Act

12/22/2009 c1 1cerulean-azure
Liked it to the max. Though I really don't know how to give critism when I can't see anything wrong?
12/22/2009 c1 MelodieCC
this is beautiful; almost made me cry(and i almost never cry when reading). i just want to say i love this story along with everything else you've written; they're amazing, you have an amazing talent in writing. please continue to write cuz i added you as my alert. :)
12/22/2009 c1 4scattered-strings
I actually dont think excessive swearing is much of a problem.

I'm glad to finally hear from you again, the sexual tension in this one was a bit whoa~ I was confused at first and thought Reed and Peterson were the same person.

The two main characters were really messed up, I was continuously thinking "just shut up and fuck already". His name was interesting, I've never heard it before.

Also, im curious, were they good friends before the manhandling incident or did their messed up relationship begin there?

Great work and merry christmas!
12/21/2009 c1 2HulleyDee
So amazing :)

I was confused at first, but I kind of like it now that I get it. heh. I loved the back and fourth between Reed and Lainey. Basically, you done good. :D
12/21/2009 c1 Pop the Bubble

That made this story alone, for me, haha.

Although that's not to say I didn't love it, because I really, really did!

12/21/2009 c1 13Aaerie
this story is sad, happy, exciting and really interesting
12/21/2009 c1 readernotwriter1
i miss your writing! you don't know how happy i was to see this up!

i guess my only comment is that the points of views are a little messed up in terms of labelling. other than that, i loved this story. you have a way of making things seem extra sweet. keep it up! love you and your stories! happy xmas :)
12/21/2009 c1 samora
This is awesome, and Quinlan is quite an interesting name and have to say it fits him to a T.

Also i like their realtionship and how scared they are of their feeling for each other.
12/21/2009 c1 AngelsXDevils
Gosh, I swear you get better and better at writing after each story. The story has already shot up to one of my favourite stories! Keep it up!
12/21/2009 c1 darkgurl92
interesting...what happened before...why do they want to hate each

other so much..update soon
12/21/2009 c1 7gulistala
Hello sweets! Haven't read from you in yonks!

This is a little confusing- what were Reed and Lainey? Best friends? How if they're always taunting each other? Did their messed up 'friendship' begin when he first manhandled her and kissed her?
12/21/2009 c1 5Fatal Apex
wow, intense. loved it. a few mistakes here and there, but nothing too big. it does get a little confusing who's talking sometimes though. but apart from that, amazing, intense story. shows that pride and stubborness really do get in the way of a great relationship sometimes.
12/21/2009 c1 8pattEcake
12/21/2009 c1 sanzo-reload
I like it! Man, Reed is so freaking hot!

Hope you're doing okay with all the schoolwork~!

Merry "almost" Christmas!
12/21/2009 c1 9j.c-chic
hahaha i fking loved it!
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