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11/29/2017 c1 8failte200
Okay, and this one's 8 years old now.

I see from your other reviews that people seem to really appreciate your poetic gloom and introspective sadness, which always seems to happen in your character's memories - making them even more sad. Well, different strokes and all that. I like snarky dialogue, and have never understood why poetry even exists, so that's just me.

Hope this isn't what you're actually like now, though.
12/5/2014 c1 10Mislav
This was a wonderful oneshot. I liked how you used very descriptive words and sentences to describe the character's feelings and I really felt for him, and in the same time you managed to achieve that without revealing much about him, leaving that touch of mystery present and making it easier for reader to identify with the character, since he could be anyone who is broken hearted. And this was my favorite part:
"I stayed up all last night to watch the sunrise. Cold and stoned, I wrapped myself in a blanket that still smelled like you and whispered my worries to the owls. They watched me with glass marble eyes and sighed in their twisted tongue. Do you still read my sentences scrawled on these bent postcards, I wondered out loud. Do you still take the time to see yourself in every word I've written? The owls didn't have any answers.

I listened to the mix CDs you made me last night and saw your face during every harmonica solo. I tasted your lips when I bit the insides of my cheeks and felt your fingertips when mine scratched at the skin of my wrists. I miss you, my fingernails left behind in red lines on white skin. I miss you I miss you I miss you and I've run out of any other words to say. I miss you I miss you I miss you. There's nothing else left to say."
A perfect way to end a story, true to the build up that lead up to that.
7/17/2011 c1 144chaos called creation
I feel like the narrator's speaking from my bones or something. Really amazing tone in this. The earnest emotion spills out so well. Favourite line: "every inch of me was loneliness" Reads like poetry to me :)

Keep writing!
7/13/2010 c1 22effervescent-sentiments
Immediately, I was struck by what a fantastic writer you are. I can only admire plot and characters to an extent - but writing I admire endlessly, with all of my being. And I don't exaggerate.

You're my favorite kind of writer, too. Sure, the Hemingways are good and well, but I like writers who aren't afraid of getting their hands a little syrup-sticky - you know, with images, figurative language, repetition, poetic devices. You used them the way they want to be used - so at the end you can still taste them in the sheets. They linger. It's just beautiful.

Highest praise, my friend. Highest praise.

5/25/2010 c1 53Nick Ransom
..And this time, I did cry. Which is quite a feat for me personally.

This hit me, big time.

It's so beautiful, and I don't even know why exactly. It got to me, a lot. It hurt to read, but I had to finish it.

You're goddamn brilliant.
5/1/2010 c1 26not atlas
i think

that this is amazing.

and in some ways it makes me want to cry.

i guess that's it.
3/29/2010 c1 rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
This was almost more like a poem than a one shot/short story, but yeah I pretty much loved it AND I KNOW I SAY THAT ABOUT ALL YOUR STUFF BLAHBLAHBLAH but (not that I remember which ones were one shots!) I really think I liked this most out of all the one shots. it had a nice flow.. I don't know, but I loved it. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DEARY
3/14/2010 c1 Icyfire4w5
Some people say that if a story doesn't contain dialogue, then it might bore its readers. However, your story has proven that such an opinion isn't always right. I appreciate the short but poetic paragraphs-they're a breeze to read.
2/5/2010 c1 13morphine and lollipops
Hauntingly beautiful.
1/21/2010 c1 44Alyosha Karamazov
I love the quiet desperation in this. The artful sadness.
1/20/2010 c1 17Ayakaishi Fei
I think this is actually one of my favourite things that you've written... it's just so poignant

I loved the line "I saw your face in every light" and the repeated imagery of the paper cut-out animals. I loved the way you described his lover like the girl who stared at her feet - in 2 lines you both showed what the MC's lover was like, but also reiterated that theme of him still seeing his lover in mundane things - I think that is something that is totally relatable.

My favourite line is the one where he says "I though of you and every inch of me was loneliness", that just wrenched at me heart, and then the final paragraph with the repitition of I miss you. Sometimes, there isn't anything else to say, and that was a perfect way to end it.

This was just beautiful prose, particularly gorgeous in it's crack-like disjointedness.
1/5/2010 c1 14Tinted Windows
I love this. Very emotional the last para made me want to cry. But thats a good thing xD it was very good, and seemed to me to relate to the weird attention problem you have when you are depressed and how you only remeber the things that ment somthing to you and when you look back they dont all run smoothly together, they leave gaps :) just my thoughts, i loved it!
12/26/2009 c1 6the sacred night
Wow, this is beautiful. It's like a prose poem :) Lots of vivid imagery, wordplay, symbolism... wow. Great work.
12/22/2009 c1 magalina
Great, as always. I love how you change styles with your stories and always manage to make them work XD
12/22/2009 c1 23Annie Jane
Wow this is very deep and sad, and yes, very vague, but it works so I like it. It's different from most of your stuff but that doesn't mean I don't like it any less...

Please continue with the amazing writing that you do, and I will continue to read. Thank you :)

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