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for postcards to the moon

12/22/2009 c1 10CaFFy
I love it. I think everyone can relate even if just slightly.

Lain, you're awesome and not in a panda gore way (cause that's just scary).
12/22/2009 c1 jy
in facebook terms:


12/21/2009 c1 Elissa-the-Wanderer
I loved this. I think that everyone has someone they've lost and secretly talks to, or writes in this case, all the time. This was beautiful. And the title is awesome. :)
12/21/2009 c1 20Chasmodai Blue
This was lovely, as per usual.

And sad. Maybe I empathize with the protagonist? The feeling of longing is so universal, and you do a wonderful job of capturing it.

Fantastico, man.
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