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1/4/2010 c2 sunny
youve really grown as a writer, candid. this story is written in a way that makes it obvious that you've grown. from horrorscope one and two to cloak and dagger to this? you're writing is seriously improving :D

keep up the writing! and excelent chapter! no Christina /Michael interaction but it would have been too soon anyways :P
1/2/2010 c2 2SwiftMotionGirl
I have been following this story and find it absolutely addictive.

One thing I'm not sure if you can do it, but do you have potential images of what your characters look like in your head? Say for instance, who is the closest person in your mind that looks like Michael or Christina or Aiden? Can you post images on your profile to see? (Just an idea)

Keep up the good work honestly its great!
1/2/2010 c2 3CynicalRomantic09
Ah Christina.

I love the changes you've brought to her. They're subtle, yet obvious, if that makes any sense. She's definitely matured and hardened since her last encounter with Michael, but she's still got the fire and snippiness in her that makes her Christina. I love that she's standing up to her mother now and not downplaying what happened.

I'm looking forward to seeing how ordinary her life is going to be at her new school. And I wonder how long this false sense of normalcy is going to last for her.

I can't help but feel bad for her. It almost seems like she'll never have the opportunity to be completely and one hundred percent normal. She'll always have the memories of what happened with her parents and with Michael and Adrian, plus the knowledge that she's constantly being watched. Kind of sucks.

Anyway, though, I love the introduction for her in this chapter. Great job with the sequel so far.
1/2/2010 c2 3chazza-x
even though your moving Authonomy will you still be posting A&D on fictionpress? I'm dying to find out whats gonna happen
1/2/2010 c2 4iheartshoes
:) love christina. i love how shes still the same, but not: shes a lot more cynical - expected.

gotta say i wanna see michael & christina together soon, but then you have to keep it realistic.

good job :)

1/1/2010 c2 21rosieroo
Great start! Cant wait for the next chapter
1/1/2010 c2 4Lonely Hope
Any way that Christina has gone through a bit to protect herself at all? Gotten any training with a gun or weapons? I would think she would try to learn some sort of self-defense to help with her anxiety all the time.. Even if it was a failed attempt. Just wondering. Good job with this chapter. :)
1/1/2010 c2 9arsenic3
can i just say u portray christina's emotions beautifully..i love christina's character..well done good luck
1/1/2010 c2 Ashuka
will this story be posted and updated Authonomy as well? btw im kinda hoping for a sweeter ending (call me the hopeless romantic) i love the first two chaps bye
1/1/2010 c2 emigirl
poor christina. it's so sad to see her hit so hard by the incidents in C&D. it's realistic, extremely well-portrayed, but just so sad. sad that she can't have the nice life (which was kinda a lie) that she had before.

and i don't like samantha's mother either. no more than christina's own mother, and i really don't like her. mrs. evans seems a bit greedy. that's not exactly the word i had for her, but it's close. the mothers here aren't very nice, i find.

but i can't wait to see michael and callahan again! it would be awesome if you could finish this story, even though i know the odds of you finishing this on fp are slim. but i don't mind authonomy. i've never heard of it before, but it seems a good place. it'd be great if someone from a real company actually made your stories into books- you'd deserve it. the only reason i don't like authonomy as much is because i'm not as familiar with it as with fp, but that's not a big problem.

anyways, good luck with your stories, and update this soon!
1/1/2010 c2 2renegade01
interesting chapter. i can't wait to see how she settles into uni life. i guess getting away from her parents is a bonus. i admire her strength. ;)
1/1/2010 c2 1Midnight113
Excellent work, I like that you showed the reader how the events of C&D have effected Christina and her attempt now at proceeding with college. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to more!
1/1/2010 c2 Epic Scarf
12/31/2009 c2 Lesumi
Good word , another chapter.

Looks like Christina's mom and dad failed their parenting roles :C
12/31/2009 c2 Eccthlacine
So glad to see this story up, I am eagerly awaiting new chapters. Can't wait to see Callahan shot, lol.
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