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12/31/2009 c2 GinzzzRoxxx
Hey! what is your link for authonomy? :)
12/31/2009 c2 1deltaphi
"My hobbies are getting kidnapped, dodging gunfire, and being impregnated by wanted criminals"

that cracked me up xD

wow, Christina's perspective in this seems more... different, mature and cynical a bit. She sure has changed ever since the past events.

One question though, are you going to post all of Horrorscape and Black Beast in Authonomy? Just checking

Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter :)
12/31/2009 c2 Micheal is the man
the summary for the story is delicious! i cant wait till micheal shows up at her door step. I am just worried it might take a couple of chapters. BOO :(

12/31/2009 c2 rockpunk92
Gah, yay I've had my fix. So wait, does that mean you won't be posting onto this website anymore?
12/31/2009 c2 3Venus Smurf1
Yay! Another chapter! And so quickly, too...I do love you. Your chapters are worth waiting for, of course, but I'm always glad when I don't have to.

And have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy your chapter headings? Always so appropriate, especially this one, and especially for Christina. You always do such a great job with the contrasts-solitude for a girl who is technically only alone for about five minutes in the entire chapter. I don't know if that's what you intended, but I liked it.

Is Coswell University real? I think I'll be Googling it, just to see...and of course to get a better mental picture. Then again, I'm pretty much just comparing it to my own campus here in SoCal. They seem much the same.

"Part banishment and part penitence, I had chosen to go to Coswell because it was so unpleasant, I suspected that nobody would ever think to look for me there."

Very interesting. I wonder what she's punishing herself for? Just because she chose to stay with Michael rather than fleeing with her parents? I'd have done the same. I mean, really-they pretty much suck. Or is it for the baby?

Still, I do disagree with her reasoning. If she IS still being watched-and it's probably safe to assume she is-does it really matter where she goes? It's not like they don't have the skills to track her, especially when she's not really hiding. And wouldn't being in a more crowded area be smarter? True, she might be less likely to notice someone out of place, but SHE is also more noticeable, as well. Then again, she isn't exactly safe anywhere, is she?

"Anonymity did not suit my attention-seeking mother." Have I ever mentioned how much I hate her mother? I get that I'm supposed to, but really, it's a mark of your skill that I hate her THAT much. If she sucked as a character or if you'd failed to bring her alive, I wouldn't care too much. As it is, I find myself just waiting for karma to kick in and get her...which it won't, because karma is never that accommodating, is it?

"Your father and I aren't responsible for what happened."

She's really still denying her part in all of it? I hate her twice as much now...though I guess admitting her role would be the same as admitting guilt, and a woman like this just isn't capable of that. You've made her horrible, but very true to life. Once again, well done.

"Samantha glanced up as I came in. Did a double-take. For a moment, her expression was unreadable."

I admit that I'm a bit leery of Samantha. Is she a plant by the bad guys? I don't think I'll be surprised if she turns out to be. Then again, she could just be normal...and racist.

Hm...I don't think she's going to be my favorite secondary character.

Then again, Christina isn't exactly being sociable, is she? She barely speaks to them and just gets on her computer. I'd have thought that fairly rude behavior myself.

So she's good with computers? Has her dad been teaching her, or was that something she could already do?

"Let's say that if we owned a family dog, I would probably get fed first, but the dog would get to go on more outings than I did."

I probably shouldn't have found that quite so funny, but I did.

"But this roommate seemed innocent enough, and I didn't want to exchange her for somebody worse." And isn't that always what happens? I had a roommate that had OCD, and she'd pour bleach on anything I touched. She managed to ruin every scrap of clothing I had, our carpet, our furniture, got mad at me for getting mad at her and retaliated by telling everyone around us that I was gay and kept trying to watch her shower (I'm SO not gay...and ew)...always, always keep the ones that don't seem so bad!

"My sympathetic nervous system had grown as hard and jaded as I was."

Hm...she IS very different than she used to be, but while I hope she's not TOO jaded, it's understandable. I look forward to seeing what you do with both her and Michael-the changes in them after the two years apart, whether or not she's hardened while Michael has softened even a little. I quite literally can't wait!
12/31/2009 c2 pbgurl
I'm having a real f**ked up new years right now. And I mean really F**ked, but your update has definatley put me in a better mood so thank you for updating! ^_^ :)

Its good Christina went to a school far away. Being away from everyone and everything will definaltey help her. I just want to give her a hug and punch her mom, lol. :)

Hope you have a great New Years!

-Liz :D
12/31/2009 c2 Purple123
I love it:)
12/31/2009 c2 abcdefgh
Yay, the sequel has begun! It's rather unfortunate that Christina's parents haven't changed much.

College, hmm? A fresh start is always interesting-new environment, workload, and all that...What's Christina going to major in? It looks like she's going to spend plenty of time with Samantha...and while we're on the topic of her new roommate, I find it a bit peculiar that one of the first questions she asks is if Christina is good with computers. Or maybe I'm overthinking this part of the story...
12/31/2009 c2 under the milky way
Yet again, there is only one word I can use to describe this chapter as... AMAZING! Im really interested in it and cannot wait to read more! Well done! KEEP IT UP :) x
12/31/2009 c2 2Zedler
I hate her mom...It would really suck to be Christina. Cant wait for more!
12/31/2009 c2 Nono
Yes UPDATE! (:

Although this served more as an introduction, it was needed to clarify details, etc... Again well written, weren't any typos from what I read but then again I read so fast because I was excited.

Hope to see an update soon.

12/31/2009 c2 2Spinning Lights
Gosh, I feel so bad for Christina. I can't imagine having a mom that mean.

Are you not going to post here anymore for this story? I went to the other site but I didn't really get it lol. I think fp is easier to use, but I made an account anyway to keep up with you ;].

Anyway, loved the chapter =]
12/31/2009 c2 2Its.Not.Me.Its.You
lovelovelove it! i didnt know you were moving sites!

how come your moving? if you don't mind my asking
12/31/2009 c2 u wouldjustbe AWESO without ME
if you are going to authonomy, then are you going to stop posting this story on fictionpress?
12/31/2009 c2 sally n
hey promise to tell me when ur gonna move into the new web site for good! where u will go i will follow!oh and happy new year!
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