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for Faceless in the Crowd

3/4/2011 c6 4YumKiwiDelicious
ah her voice's gone again but matt's awake! ek!
3/1/2011 c6 2OhMyPeanut
Please tell me, that this is not where the story ends!

So many horrible things happened to this girl.. i feel so sorry for her
2/28/2011 c3 OhMyPeanut
awee, they are just so cute! beyond adorable! good job!
10/18/2010 c1 1Bruhk
thanks for forgetting about this story... not like any of your readers were looking forward to it or anything. I'm removing my story alert from it. Way to dissapoint.
8/16/2010 c5 Yan-Yan-17
hi! Its been a while since you last updated! But i'll still wait for the next chapter =))
8/12/2010 c5 2RomanticGirl17
hi! i just want to know what happened with voiceless in the wind? =)) I loved that story so much! =)

Oh well anyway)) keep yup the good work =))
7/6/2010 c2 2Jamille Shane
Just so you know if you want to adjust it. At 3 months along I had an ultrasound because I was also 'high risk'. By that point the child is most certainly not a blob that you can't recognize. By that point you can see them, they're sort of swimming around and they move around A LOT. Even though you mostly can't feel it from the outside, when you do the ultrasound they're moving around in there.
7/6/2010 c1 Jamille Shane
I was 28 when I had a child and for some reason I still look very young in the face. So when I was pregnant I got some serious nasty stares and old people thought they had a right to talk about me to each other out loud when I would go anywhere about what a shame I was... All I could think was, even if I really was a teenager what gave them the right to treat me this way?

You're so right about the way people treat pregnant teens.

Good first chapter.
2/12/2010 c5 4YumKiwiDelicious
love your stories! :]

hope you update this soon!
2/12/2010 c5 1Bruhk
write, write, write, write, write! =] Lookin' great so far. Just finished your last story and now caught up on this one. don't make me wait long darling!

1/31/2010 c5 animegirl214
oh geez. well that's not creepy at all! :P

thanks for the chapter! :)
1/30/2010 c5 renroy
OMG. i am so worried. i don't want him to ruin everything for matt and her. I don't trust him. God i can't wait for the update. please update fast. lol

1/11/2010 c4 2Shanster
Oh, no! Poor Cassie! I dearly hope she survives this
1/11/2010 c4 6Jules Carlyle
omg i really really hope cassie is ok she tried to warn her. but then maybe it isnt cassie that would be good. great chapter :D love jules x
1/10/2010 c4 animegirl214
ohh goodness. such drama! T^T

poor Cassie! T^T T^T
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