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for You Really Got a Hold on Me

9/25/2012 c10 whendinoscomeout
your freaking hilarious! haha, just wanted to say i loved it all most especially the ending (see how much i loved it with the adverb describing the superlative, sorry just had an english exam :P) brilliant stuff :D
8/19/2011 c10 BornAverage
I loved it. First chapter, I was going to click the "Next " button...but, then I saw your ending author's note. Bashing on the Lakers? Tsk tsk. But, it was too good of a story to /not/ continue reading. Plus, I was kinda hating the Lakers too, during that season. Yes, I said "that season," because I mean "that season," only.

And then, "They die."

I seriously said outloud, "What the fuck?"

Good thing, I browsed your profile and saw that you did a rewrite. Thank god for that. I'll be reading it on that story instead. :P
6/1/2011 c10 6mindreader311
what! ur mean... :*(
5/28/2011 c10 FlourishedInk
Pffft. Beautiful ending. Is this why you're re-writing the story? 8D
5/16/2011 c10 6LaughsWithTears
... WHAT? That's it? That is quite devious of you, killing off the characters like it's nothing.
3/3/2011 c10 Guest
What the shit?
2/23/2011 c10 BehindGlassHouses
ah. i love it. expesilly the end. ( sorry for the spelling mistakes )
1/23/2011 c10 ray
1/20/2011 c10 1NeonTime
A brilliant deconstruction of the cliché'd fictionpress story, stunning in simplicity and complete in minimalism. There are no words to describe such a thing. It is like staring at a white room, resolving in an infinite array of white pixels, magnified so they bleed across each other, an incomparable collection of white uploading into your brain until there is nothing but perfect static, a white noise murmur overriding everything until death.

The sheer shock of a cocaine bump, ripping through your skull, until everything is slightly wrong, slightly off, utterly reasonable and striking and beautiful. The stars in space, one by one blinking out, as the nine billion names of God are written and explained and the universe is collapsing. This is THE END, and that is all that is and will be and ever can be.
10/17/2010 c10 Mikkiz
9/17/2010 c10 1Katie007
i would just like to say:

i hate you :(

why did you make that the ending :(

8/17/2010 c10 9Pearlblue5
Was that the epilogue or the ending?
8/13/2010 c1 7x.betweenthelines
Haha, true. But it's still a shame we never found out there story:)
8/12/2010 c10 x.betweenthelines
Holy schmok! You're not actually going to end it like that are you? I was enjoying it :(
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