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5/27/2014 c1 5MyHeart's4Above
I won't give as long a review as one you deserve. This really was written incredibly well! It flowed like honey, seriously, and I loved the type of, language, I guess you could call it, or the style in which you written.

I am bad at editing, so of course, I did not see any mistakes, though a few sentences I stopped and reread again, thinking they MAY have a mistake, but I highly doubt that.

I like the short (but still heavy with substance) diary entries, they make it quick, and easy to read, and they get to the point, as well as show much emotion and even action.

I enjoyed reading it! And again, loove they way it was written, and I try to write like that for my one story, at least for some of the characters. I could learn a lot from this, like the different sentence structures. Some were written like old english or Shakespearean, which was really awesome.
10/14/2012 c1 1Thescarredman
A thoughtful and carefully crafted piece. The 'diary' format was very well done, and the language appropriate to the setting. I'm guessing you did some research.

The characterization of Constance was multi-layered, insightful and completely believable. I also like that you left Sinclair's motivations a little murky, which made him a more real character and made the final twist at the end completely credible.
3/2/2010 c2 Old xRayneWolfx account
That was a good one shot, it made me believed that you were the actual character. The entries for the diary were beautiful and filled with such emotion. I look forward to reading more of your works.
2/18/2010 c2 6A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
After reading this, I can really appreciate the effort you put into this! Wow, that must have required a LOT of patience and hard work...I'd never be able to do that lol!
2/18/2010 c1 A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
I really enjoyed the diary format! Wow, your writing was top-notch!

I havent read a historical fic on fictionpress before so this was great :)
1/28/2010 c1 23Mandisaurus-rex
Hey there! I'm trying to return reviews for my story Shimmer, and once I have time I PROMISE! To read Foster's Gambit! Promise!

But anyways, this little one-shot is so well written! Seriously, you have a mad talent with words! I don't even have a criticism to say... The plot was good, the voice for the character was excellent and fit the time period, it was kind of tragic, the name Aloysius is hilarious, the way you made a story into a diary entry was brillaint because at times you forgot that you were reading an entry into a diary, and yeah. This story also really reminds me of a book that I've read. It's called the Piano Man's Daughter. It's sort of the same, except not really... =P. Yeah, that made no sense. Oh well! Keep up the brillaint work!
1/20/2010 c1 9Narq
This is a really intruging format. I think it adds to the general atmosphere but doesn't take away the reader's attention from the text. The dates set the setting really well (haha) and The way you have chopped up sentences, with the days sometimes continuinng, other times jumping around, makes the story even more believeable.

Great job!
1/20/2010 c1 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Well, my brain is bit bzt right now, so I can only review one-shots at the very most. Okay basically, I really like the format you wrote this story. To be honest I've never seens a story that is done from the diary format. All in all the feelings within this work was well conveyed and pretty much strong as well. I'm not too sure of the historical background of this piece though, so I will appreciate it a lot if you can fill me in here. Of course I can go wiki, but there's too much idiots there. :S Anyway, it's good to see the way the romance had gone not from an objective view but rather from the sole first person's view if you get what I mean. I would want to see more of the reflections of the past though, but that's my own personal perferance. :) And as for the final entry of the diary, is it done by Morrie? If that's the case, then I will say that this story did have a happy ending in a certain sense.

P.S: Pay back this review via A Ranger's Tale. :)

-From The Roadhouse. :)
1/19/2010 c2 1xenolith
I'm slightly intimidated by you, so I don't quite know how to go about this review!

I thought the diary-style narrative was a great way to tell the story. Though, it did take a bit for me to get into. I was confused about the names, who they were in relation to her. But your author's note was very informative and explained, or at least cleared up a lot of the lingering doubts I had about this piece.

It's different, but good different.
1/14/2010 c1 99Dreamers-Requiem
Nice piece; I liked the way you didn't over-explain anything, and it was mostly left up to the reader to piece it together. The way her feelings for him kind of gradually got deeper was really well done. The date format, I thought, was fine. Just one question - where is it set? I don't think it's important to the story, I just kind of want to know:P
1/11/2010 c1 10CassandraStacy
I think this is an amazing insight into Constance's life. I loved the short formatting of each of the entries and how her love for Al shone through, as well as the conflict she felt between her growing feelings for Morrie and her love for Al. I like that we never really know WHY Morrie was at the common house . . . just as Constance never knew. However, in the end, it seems as if he is going to do the right thing and carry on their names. Thanks for sharing!

1/11/2010 c1 4BlueTwilite
Wow this is a very creative to set out your story...Nice job! This is a very well-written!

1/10/2010 c1 1J.V.G. Buenagua
It was a great narration. I really loved how the character wrote those words. But maybe you could write the dates in this format so the readers like me could easily identify it. (Well, I really had tough time to decipher what it was.. really) the format: Month.Date.Year.

That's all... overall, it was great.!
1/8/2010 c1 4lookingwest
This narrative had some wonderful passages of voice and developed characters through not much action. The only thing that bothered me was the quickness of the journal entries, I felt they were really choppy just because of their shortness but that is really my only criticism.

I really like the concept of this piece, and I'm right now nearing the end of the novel Dracula in my spare time, and that whole novel is written in journal passages, so I felt right at home when this narrative started off (perhaps it's why I wasn't partial to the shortness of the entries too, since in Dracula they're pages long). I liked the way that you developed the voice of your narrator and how she is so proper, I find doing that difficult, and I think that you fit that voice perfectly to the time period and I found it believable.

from the review marathon at the review game (link in my profile)
1/7/2010 c1 8sealednectar
Wonderful! So he wasn't a fraud? Rarely have I seen such writing that is true to the time the entries are based in, well done.:)
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