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for The Breaking of Hearts

5/24/2010 c8 2ColieM88
Nice... I really liked this chapter, even laughed reading it! I'm totally into your story and really hope you update soon! Oh.. and I don't think she should have said yes yet... I think he should keep bothering her until she makes a deal with him that if she goes out on ONE date, he won't bother her about it again...and go from there. But thats my opinion, you're the author. I'll be happy either way! :D

Also... just wondering how you manage to get reviews? I'm popular on fanfiction, but on here... I've not got any reviews for either of my stories (preferably the one I've been updating. Is there a trick to it that I'm missing?
5/23/2010 c7 35peaceloverocknroll21
keep going. this waiting is killing me. who doesn't love the sexual tension building?
5/22/2010 c7 211cina24
Okay, I had to read every single chapter before reviewing cuz' I don't like reviewing one chapter, then the next, etc, etc...


I want friggin Alli & Drew to end up together![:

James seems like a one time thing right now, like he would only last a couple weeks or something and then she would get bored and find nothing she liked in him left...Really good story so far! I'll be waiting for the next chapter, and that better be soon. (insert scowl)

Pepsi fan ovvaa heree!Haha, is all time low like your favourite band or something?
5/22/2010 c7 9Evangeline Elibeth Mariette
Haha, I do really like James' character now, I've decided. So, even though Drew is always going to be my first choice, I wouldn't mind Alli and James being together - I think they might make a cute couple :)

But anyway, good chapter, and yes, I'm a nerd. I always read the A/N's, are you crazy! Every time, ha! And I didn't even notice the mid-chapter A/N... But maybe I just overlooked it? I don't know... I'm blind as a bat.

So, good chapter and CAN'T wait until the next update!
5/22/2010 c7 Pseudonym59
Uh oh. It seems that we have another problem. I'm an Internet user. :P Firefox isn't so bad, I use it in school.

"and spilled out of m mouth before I could stop." I just wanted to point out that you forgot to put the y in my.

Master James? Wow, if that were me, I'd be totally creeped out. It was nice to see things from his perspective. He doesn't seem like such a jerk. I nearly died when he thought that he and Alli had sex in the beginning. XD

Great job. Keep going. :*) (My smiley face has a beauty mark! Or a really large mole...)
5/22/2010 c7 cookiewolf
loves it=))

james is actually kinda nice;LL
5/22/2010 c6 cookiewolf
STALKER tehe im loving the long chapters=) one of my favourite stories so f ar=))
5/22/2010 c5 cookiewolf
haha shes prettayy=)

James lol

Drew is awesome like I said before but I think ALii should go weith Jamesd and melanie with Drew or drew could be gay haha lol at rachel and alii
5/22/2010 c4 cookiewolf

5/22/2010 c3 cookiewolf
haha she has the4 same birthday as me=)

and lol she seems to always be slamming into James
5/22/2010 c2 cookiewolf

imn loving this story...drew is awesomee
5/22/2010 c1 Cookiwolf
I like it=)

Rachel is a bitch

lol at James and Alii
5/22/2010 c3 Vanilla Chocola
Drew is so funny! xD
5/21/2010 c7 lovevictim
damn you've started this story again, i was hoping for some Drew/Alli romance lol. Yeah i'm rooting for those two, i don't know though, i guess because they are perfect for eachother,they are close friends after all so they know eachother quite well, and the other reason is well ... i don't really like james, he makes me sick.

I guess in the future he might change and all but there is something about Drew and Alli.

Anyways your the author and it's up to you.
5/21/2010 c7 ImInALamp
James is a stalker! :O Thanks for the update! :D
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