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5/20/2010 c6 35peaceloverocknroll21
please keep posting!
5/16/2010 c6 Pseudonym59
Yay! You like my reviews! And it seems we have a misunderstanding. I said that between Coke and Pepsi, I was on team Coke. BUT I will always be loyal to Team Sprite. So HAH! Now you HAVE to like me. ;)

Hmm... It seems that James is starting to have a change of heart. Or not. Always good to know your options. :) I love the whole "guy-gives-girl-his-jacket" thing. I had that in my story too. :) I really hope this won't go too fast and that James won't become a total sissy. I have complete faith in you though. You probably have something up your sleeve.

I love the title for this chapter. When I read it, I was just like, "Wow, bet she crashes into someone with a lot of ketchup on their hot dog."

Cute chapter. :) I loved the perverted comments. And how James is a Peeping Tom. XD! Where would we be in life without them? Update soon please!
5/15/2010 c6 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
i like james and alli. i like that james is actually being sweet(: its cute.
5/15/2010 c6 ImInALamp
ALLI AND DREW FTW! :D I was happy that I found your chapter in my inbox today! :D
5/15/2010 c6 9Evangeline Elibeth Mariette
Oh, I loved this!

And I have no idea who to root for; I like the idea of James/Alli, but I also love the idea of Alli/Drew... I think I'm leaning more towards Drew, though. I really like his character :)

Can't wait until next week!

And p.s. maybe James and Melanie could have a little fling. Just a thought. :)

*The Runaways of Midnight*
5/13/2010 c5 teardropsONroses
it's cute so far

a little bit . . . i dunno it seems like something's off with the flow but i dunno what

good though

more soon?
5/10/2010 c5 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
i. love. this. story(: update soon pweezz!
5/9/2010 c5 ImInALamp
Yay! I looke in my inbox, and there it was: a new chapter! Made my day (well, it actually just made me happy. Sorry. Mum comes first. :D)!
5/9/2010 c5 Evangeline Elibeth Mariette
I am new to fictionpress, and I don't even know how I ended up reading your story, but I am glad I did! I think this is great, and I am definitely eager for the next chapter!

P.S. I like the idea of Drew and Alli, because he already seems to have secret feelings for her... but I don't know. You're the author :)

And sorry this review was so long... :/ haha
5/9/2010 c5 Pseudonym59
Woohoo! Thanks for the unintentional (or intentional) birthday present!

Rachel seems so fake. Bulimic, head of the cheerleading squad, lives in a mansion... wow, I'd hate to be her friend. James seems kind of creepy. I mean, who makes out with someone while staring at someone else? If I was Alli, I would have ran for the hills (wherever those are) right then and there.

Come to think of it, Drew and Alli would make a cute but weird couple. They're too much like friends. Plus I want James to date Alli and Drew to date Melanie.

I'm on Team Coke with Drew over Team Pepsi. But I'll always be captain of Team Sprite with, uh, me.

And thanks for the thing about bath bombs. I'll have to try that. Do they come in different colors? Cuz if they do, I want to mix colors together and make a rainbow!

Great chapter. Update soon! No pressure though. :) :) :D :D :D
5/9/2010 c5 3cndysweetmss
Great story:D what happens next?
5/9/2010 c5 1Whisper Words Of Wisdom
alli and drew, def. james scares mee that lil creep! hahahhaha rachel is so bioottchhyyx! gawwd get a life rach (: haha love da stoaarryy
5/9/2010 c4 Whisper Words Of Wisdom
i imagine she looked gorgeous :)
5/9/2010 c3 Whisper Words Of Wisdom
haha funny :) love the story so much !
5/9/2010 c1 Whisper Words Of Wisdom
great story girl :)
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