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7/3/2010 c14 211cina24
Haha, well I simply loved adorable Jake!(;

WHORE! I am disliking Mel A LOT. I mean first she makes out with James, sleeps with him, and then gets kissed by Drew? WTF? Not cool!

I can honestly say that I see her turning on Alli in the future and being her enemy.

That's the vibe I'm getting.

Anywho, good chappie!

I seriously didn't think he'd be with Mel at the lake but oh well.

Alli, what will we do with you?lol.

I have an idea!(:

Add another lover into the mix that ACTUALLY likes her a lot and hangs out/dates her for real while James and Drew are in the background all mad and thinking, 'Who the fuck is that?'

Okay, I'm going to cut it short with a BYE;D

Virtual awesome double fudge chocoloate chip COOKIES for you![x
6/29/2010 c13 9Evangeline Elibeth Mariette
Oh, I HATE when guys won't listen! It seriously pisses me off! And also, super bad timing, the whole bile-up-the-throat thing. If only, if only the bile had not come, maybe she could've gotten it all out and he would've understood. And again, love the idea of Mel and James being together. Because first off, he's just badboy enough for her to not be so cutsie goody-goody, and she's just cutsie goody-goody enough to keep him from being way too badboy. I think it evens out nicely. :)

Anyways, I really want Alli and Drew to be together, and I'm ready to rip the head off of this blonde chick, and smack Drew backhand across the face. There better be a good explanation for this, or he's goin' down!

Just kidding, I'm not quite that over-the-top... at least, I hope I'm not.

Anyway, good chapter, love the cliff hangers, and UPDATE SOON, PLEASE! :)

~E. E. Mariette
6/29/2010 c13 wishing-for-wings
LOVE this story. Keep it up! Oh, and just so you know, I think that Alli and James should be together... ;)
6/28/2010 c13 ImInALamp
Why do you only have 141 reviews for this thing? You should have like, a million! James is such and asswipe, sleeping with Melanie. And Drew's being stupid. Happy belated birthday! My birthday was on the 27th. :] How old did you turn?
6/28/2010 c13 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
Melanie is the most idiotic of idiots, Drew is a COMPLETE asshole, and James is the lowest scum to ever walk this earth.

Case closed.
6/28/2010 c13 DareSapere
I liked this chapter :)

I actually didn't know you had a poll :P Guess that serves me right for not reading the Author's Note! Usually I do but idk why I didnt ;P

SO I voted :D And I hope she ends up with Drew cuz I think Mel and James are good together :) Even if James appears to be a man-whore rofl.
6/28/2010 c13 2ColieM88
BOO! :D So.. your "song" part at the begining... Rascal Flatts sing that song.. I've never heard anyone else sing it...lol. :D LOVE the chapter.. but you know that already! ;)
6/28/2010 c13 211cina24
WTF? I didn't think Mel would do that! First thought that comes to mind of her when I read that, whore!(:

It's the truth, low scum bag.

And stupid James for making a move! Dumb ass.

Anyway, good chappie(:

You put a totally different spin on the whole Drew and Allie scenario.

Who is that girl?

Please tell ME at least?lol[:
6/20/2010 c12 1notthiscreative
Aw. Happy! Then Poor Ali, then stupid Ali, then porr Drew! Haha.

And yay for good James.

Oh btw I just love the last bit. Haha! WTF! (:
6/19/2010 c12 Vanilla Chocola
Now I really want to kill Rachel!

But then... James and Alli wouldn't be together!

6/17/2010 c12 9Evangeline Elibeth Mariette
I don't think I was in a bad mood... but I don't remember now... Anyway, now it's 3:14 p.m. and I loved this chapter, despite the cliffhanger. Though that did piss me off a bit, as a fellow writer, I respect it. :) And also, I honestly didn't think James was shallow enough to take advantage of Alli; it was no surprise that he didn't screw her, but I was a bit surprised at his staying to keep her warm and whatnot. And I hope Drew gets through to Alli. I don't want them to have a big blowout after finding feelings for eachother. And if Drew and Alli do "be together" for the mostpart, it should be secret, and he should help her mess up James's shiz. That's all for now folks!

Now we're off to the polls!
6/16/2010 c12 Pseudonym59
Ah, I didn't review last chapter! So, I'll make up for it in this review. I guess I was too lazy to review. Because I started, hit "Submit Feedback", then my computer was being dumb and didn't submit it, lost the review, and then I didn't feel like doing it again. :) Yep, willpower - I have loads of it. ;)

Great job on this chapter! It was extremely interesting to read. For some reason, I love when someone gets drunk. It's kind of funny, don't you think? Good incorporation of the love triangle. It gives a good plot line, but be careful as you write this. It's tricky, but you're good, so you can handle it. :)

Hmm... I think that the characters are changing too quickly. This is the normal point where you should be at, but I think that the characters' feelings and emotions can be displayed more, but subtley. Plus, the whole thing where Alli and Drew got together (sorta?) and she saw him with Rachel happened very suddenly. Maybe provide more description and refrain from switching P.O.V.s so frequently unless it is absolutely neccessary (did I spell that right? I never do, so fingers crossed!) Also, when Drew and Rachel "kissed", I don't think that you should have explained it. It leaves more suspense for the reader of what's to come. But that's just my personal preference.

Great job on this chapter! I'll be waiting for an update! YAY! School's over! Well, for me at least. :)
6/15/2010 c12 211cina24
Yea, I meant dating as in they're going on DATES,lol. Hmm, I liked that ending 'What the fuck?' Ah, silly Drew, and naive little Alli. Hmm, I knew James wasn't ALL bad, so it was obvious he wasn't going to take advantage of her(:

Good chappie.

When's your birthday?

I'll do an early celebration nonetheless!






Anyway, I do that for any authors birthday, I try to mix it up(: Happy early birthday!
6/15/2010 c12 3Princess of Chocolate
I'm actually going for James. You know, because he's the one in your summary, you mentioned him, and Drew wasn't part of the deal. Plus, who DOES that? I mean, no one just... kisses someone and then sits outside, waiting for some chick. It's a bit...too coincidental.
6/15/2010 c12 ImInALamp
While I was reading this I was all "Yes!" and then "Oh, wait, NOO!" and then "YES! " again. Sigh. Guess !'m just going to have to wait for the next chapter. D:
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