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5/1/2012 c2 15thenifoundfivedollars

I am a fellow hardworking writer on Fictionpress, and I think the same person who plagiarized one of my stories also took one of yours... I've no idea how to work the site its posted to, but I've asked my readers to report the author. Just passing the word along... I figured their other story was also a copy and did some quick google-ing.

Wattpad user: Electric Rainbows

Story: "Slave the Moon"
4/29/2012 c27 8darkminathegone
Awww pour Tawny and Dameon why did Bailey have to smash the heart?
4/18/2012 c25 sexxyvampire08
This story just keeps getting better
2/26/2012 c23 sexxyvampire08
this chapter was really good and i cant wait to see what happens next
1/24/2012 c22 sexxyvampire08
wow these last two chapters were amazing i cant wait to see what happens next
11/27/2011 c19 sexxyvampire08
this just keeps getting better
10/12/2011 c18 sexxyvampire08
cant wait to see wats gonna happen to hayden when bailey comes to
8/29/2011 c16 81knownkonvict
I don't like Tawny; she just seems pathetic but I enjoy the character in general. Hope the next update is quick ;)
8/4/2011 c15 knownkonvict
Question: when shall you update?

Answer: say soon

In case that just didn't suffice, update soon.
5/29/2011 c13 sexxyvampire08
cant wait for the next chapter i love ur stories
3/26/2011 c12 sexxyvampire08
cant wait to see wat happens in the next chapter this is gettin good
12/31/2010 c11 Trance19666
they were both caught.

are they going to get away?

12/31/2010 c10 Trance19666
"No police. Shoes. Novie surrounded by shoes"

that i did not understand

but i'm getting tired

so it's normal

12/31/2010 c9 Trance19666
so she's a devil

interesting how you made Bailey's devil form.

Tawny and Bailey

i kinda what Bailey to get with Dameon

12/31/2010 c8 Trance19666
good chapter

lots of action in this one

though the ending was confusing

what good be worse than a Demon or a God?

the Devil?

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