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6/12/2021 c39 ARulzz
I've read His Queen at least 3 times now. I've read the other one shots written by this author too many times to count. I'd started reading this, but at the time it didn't have much chapters, and I kinda forgot about it...but few hours back I decided gave it a go. This is so well written. The plot is exciting. It has just enough of everything, romance, drama, adventure, and fantasy...I worried drama might overpower, but it actually hadn't. Everything made sense, all characters had their own individuality, their own growth curve. There was a few lose ends, but all things considered, it is an amazing story.

Since this was completed almost a decade back, it is illogical to expect the author to remember or post the sequel now. So all we can hope is that everyone got their happy ending.

Dear author, thank you for this story, and good luck with everything in your life!
10/22/2020 c39 dipintheriverstyx
I really do wish the sequel had been done
Miss your writing!
10/11/2018 c20 5MostlyAlexLeigh
That's right Vin! You don't marry anyone you don't want to!
10/11/2018 c13 MostlyAlexLeigh
Damn straight! Stay away from the bird!
10/10/2018 c5 MostlyAlexLeigh
She's such a sweetheart! I love that she helped out Lars, I hope she helps him escape. I'm getting the feeling that her 'kidnapping' is going to be a little more complicated than a simple kidnapping, but what do I know?
10/10/2018 c3 MostlyAlexLeigh
Love the story so far, it's cool to see the MCs from My Queen playing a role. I feel like authors abandon characters after their main story and it's always nice to see when that *doesn't* happen.
7/8/2017 c15 7gulistala
This chapter made me cringe just a little bit and the not so credible characterisation. It feels like Faolan's too quick in accepting Gint's words- and it happens all so quickly, Faolan coming back to find Vin and them making up again etc. Going by their characters from previous chapters, I'd expect a bit more stubborness and resistance?

Anywho, I'm reading this story for the second since I'd liked it so much the first time around! Kinda wish Book 3 would be a thing with Chantilly but oh well.

Reading on!
3/19/2017 c28 Rigel
Had to roll me eyes more than a few times and not just because of the "mate" theme. I'm having a difficult time trying to grasp this world. They seem like in a sort of Renaissance age but they also speak freely of genetics and use contemporary slang.
I'm not into the story at all. You're no doubt prolific, but you should polish the culture and time frame of your own world.
11/1/2015 c39 1somersaultkick
This is so amazing. I am confused though about the King stopping the war for just one girl, though I'll take it as his brain getting malfuctioned due to the deadly poison by Faolan(as much as I want to dismiss this excuse, I need to as a respect to your own way of writing the resolution).
Ughh I want more scenes of Vin and Faolan! Pretty please :)
I'm going to read the part 3 now. Thank you for letting me read this wonderful story.
1/13/2015 c24 Guest
In the last chapter's scene with Killian and Chantilly, she told him that she'd only ever been with two men, but in this chapter, Killian tells Kirby that no doubt she's been with countless men. This could be the correct order of plot . . . but there's no hint of Killian's having heard Chantilly's own statement.
1/13/2015 c21 Guest
Typo (in a third-person section): As Killian opened the small door again, I shot Kirby a confused look.
1/13/2015 c11 Guest
Mistborn is quite something, isn't it? I've yet to meet that series' like. . . .
1/13/2015 c10 Guest
Of course, you seem to have made her much stronger than the normal female. . . .
1/13/2015 c8 Guest
Well, I hope she has more-than-human abilities, if she can catch an arrow mid-flight and proceed to kill an off-screen character with it. Because training with swords does not account for that.

If there's a logical explanation, I have no complaint
1/13/2015 c7 Guest
Pretty sure "...make sure she was no weapons" is a typo. Sorry about its existence!

Your story is well worth reading.
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