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for Don't Fall For The Players

7/11/2019 c2 Guest
This story would have been so much better if only you had used proper grammar, punctuation marks, etc. viz proper English. I am halfway through the 2nd chapter and as much as I wanna keep reading it, a part of me really just wants to leave it. So, it would be a good thing (both for the future readers and your English) that you revise themail entire thing.
1/13/2019 c6 Guest
dude wtf is with all these fics, the girl is always portrayed as the hard to get types and then it seems like shes way too easy. At least stick to the character if ur gonna use an extremely cliched character type.
1/12/2019 c2 Guest
the English in this story is soo bad, as a result the humour and CD just dries with it.
12/29/2018 c9 Julie
Earlier it said his pale grey eyes turned light blue but here it said his blue eyes turned grey. Which one is it?
12/28/2018 c9 Guest
No! They didn't have sex this chapter! Aaaaaaaaah!
12/28/2018 c8 Julie
I wonder if you can die of sexiness because I feel close to death.
12/28/2018 c7 Julie
Colton is so sweet!
12/28/2018 c3 Julie
On shit this is so sexy!
5/12/2018 c1 ana
This is such a great story. I love it!
7/25/2014 c37 3Brightheart
Really enjoyed this story!
5/29/2014 c37 Guest
Really good story. Enjoyed Tenley and how she continued to move forward and be patient and supportive for Colton. Not to mention what Tenley had already been through. They have both have been through pain and challenges.

You did a great job writing all the characters but my favorite was Raine. What a funny little girl to brighten anyones day.
3/18/2014 c37 xHopeForNowx
Oh my god. . . I just like randomly was just one day going through the pages on here and was like on 14 or around there, where usually I find a story sooner, but for some reason just felt like seeing older stories, and oh my god am I happy I did! Yes yes yes! I absolutely love this story! I have spent the past few days reading it and it's just amazing!
I love Colton and Tenley's characters! I love how they ended up together and stuck together! I don't know but seriously this story was just so interesting!
I actually really like the fact that Colton never did say 'I love you', because as you said it is cliche and everyone does love cliche but it totally gave a twist to the story! I love how confident they both were in the relationship even without him saying it. it was clear, beyond clear, that he loved her and like it could never be doubted! So it made the story that much more amazing, that it didn't end with him saying it but the readers and characters just knowing it and seeing it!
Okay WOW this review is long, I'm sorry I'm like rambling!
But this has definitely become my favorite story on here!
2/13/2014 c1 1J.E Magic
great stoy
2/13/2014 c26 Guest
2/12/2014 c17 Guest
Just admit your in love all ready!
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