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6/24/2010 c5 4123HSMluver
This was cute! Sad though :O I'll check my inbox soon, btw, stupid computer is on the fritz :P
5/30/2010 c4 123HSMluver
That's super cute! Good job :D And it doesn't suck :)
3/27/2010 c3 123HSMluver
Aw! That is so sad! Great job though! I really understand it! :D
3/7/2010 c3 13Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
I don't know why, but this poem comes as a bit wonky to me until I saw the A/N. But after seeing that part, everything just click into place. At least the whole thing makes sense to me. But I do like the way you likened drug addiction as a bunch of destructive friends. Like the comparison. :)

P.S: Pay back the two reviews via The Eternal Grail. :)
3/3/2010 c2 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Well, on poetry I can't really give any CCs here because I' don't have the ability to spot critical stuff in that genre. As for the A/N on review returning, don't fret. It doesn't sound wrong. I did that kind of thing in my A/N as well and no one just came up on me to call me a shameless bastard. :D Okay, now with the needless talk out of the way, let's see about this work. Okay I think it's pretty much interesting to see how you can use nature as a comparison to the brash aspect of human nature. I think this work can be compared to the reckless nature of youth. But I'm not too sure about the meaning of the last two lines. I know the less turbulent part is on gaining wisdom with age, but honestly speaking the last two lines got me lost. :S Mind if you explain it to me? :)

P.S: You've been paid back in full. Or rather that's my guess. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Add P.S; Return the review via either The Eternal Grail or The Grail Compendium. These two are actually linked via the whole plot-background relationship. :)
3/3/2010 c1 Tsumujikaze no Soujutsu
Okay, I understand the fact that this work isn't just about moving house. I can see that right from the start lol! XD Seriously I can interpret this work as a allegory of sorts to reference to the passage of life where old and new things actually hit a certain conflict for a person. It's like someone wanting to get rid of his past, but when he finally got the chance to do so, he found out that he can't have the heart to do it. Yeah I know it's pretty much a paradox, but hey, that's life for all of us here. ;)
2/7/2010 c1 8writemystorywithoutink
I really enjoyed this poem. On a literal surface level, it is a very calm and well-paced view into a person's reflections upon moving to a new house. I really loved the simplicity of language and how you were able to express so much. While I don't want to take too many liberties in my interpretation, I assume it is about people, not houses- perhaps a comparison of two? In this interpretation, "The new house has electric heaters That won't cut out as long as you pay on time" reminds me of a narrator who has broken up with one person and has met someone new who is shallower or harder to connect with, someone who will stay as long as he/she is 'paid for'. I felt the most while reading the last stanza, perhaps because it came on the heels of a very sad, faux optimistic second stanza. The poem as a whole does not say as much overtly as the wealth of meaning it expresses covertly. By the end of reading this poem, I am very intrigued and interested in the narrator and can only wonder, "What happened?"
1/25/2010 c2 4123HSMluver
Ooh that was pretty! I liked how the d-o-w-n was all on a new line, it was very effective :D I hope you do fine on your exams! And btw, I have no idea what C/C means so, it didn't sounds wrong at all to me :) ;)

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