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for Another Rose, another breath

10/23/2005 c1 958Faithless Juliet
2/22/2002 c1 19Andromeda
This really would make the perfect song. The words are beautiful! "The Sun is breaking into the dark,Life is waiting for you and me" heh, I don't know why, but I like those lines. Great job!
10/6/2001 c1 19Leni
It was nice. Especially the last stanza... I don't know but I think you are right. This could be made into a song.
6/5/2001 c1 39Kesshi Mashin
Yeah, a review would be nice... It's a beautiful poem, if bit... is depressing the right word to use? Eh, it's a good poem. You've got some talent there, Katie. Keep on writing...
6/5/2001 c1 19Leni
_Dreams aren't reality

As fulfilling they seem

Life is the end of fantasy_

I liked this, really. it had a touch of softness in it.

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