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for Fire and the Furball Original Version

3/20/2013 c1 Guest
I really liked your stories and was disapointed I couldnt read the ending...would you be able to upload them on another site called watpad?
1/6/2012 c28 2taintedLullaby
Wow, this was a really really good story. There were quite a few grammatical errors and usually that is enough to get me to stop reading a story but this was so well written and intriguing that it just drew me in and I couldn't stop reading. I've literally been reading this story non-stop for seven hours (my butt and back will never be the same :P). I really liked the plot to this story, even though it was based on Beauty and the Beast, I still found it to be very original and unique. It had a perfect blend of angst, humour, romance, happiness, fluff, suspense, mystery and fantasy to it. I loved the characters, Angi was hilarious and seemed very real and relatable. All your characters were very well developed and likable, although I feel you could have included a bit more of the Victore and Angi's family (especially her brothers because I adored them). I think my favourite part about this story is that while it had angst and drama in it, it was still very much a lighthearted story with lots of humour and moments that just made your heart melt and your toes curl. I find that too many stories tend to focus on the angst and drama that it just takes away from the characters and plot and is very draining to read. I also really enjoyed the balance between the fluff and sexual(sorry can't think of a better word for it) moments in the story. It is hard to find a story with that balance and too much of either isn't as satisfying. While I really enjoyed this story I am also looking forward to reading the new version of it, I personally feel that you could get either of them published. I also think and would love if you wrote a story about Shateal and the halfling girl. Shateal was probably one of the best characters in the story, definitely the most entertaining and mysterious. I think a story about what goes on between those two would be extremely interesting and a very very good read (maybe even better than this story). Once again, I really enjoyed this story. I'm glad that you posted it and I wish you all the luck with your future stories. :D
7/23/2011 c28 4Crash3009
HMMM... lets see... LOVED it :)

I love the mixture of angst and happiness. The reality of sometimes the first person you fall in love with isnt who you get. Then it was! lol, which made it better.
3/6/2011 c28 8DorkExpress
Oh... Not wonder you're having such a hard time writing your chapters...

But, either what I'd still read the new version!


2/18/2011 c1 Ellx
i really like your story are you going to write another one to carry on after this one its great and i would love to read more :)x
11/4/2010 c28 addy

Just wanted to tell you tat i love the plot of the story. Comparing this version to the newer one, i would say that i prefer this one better. Maybe i'm being a bit biased because i read this version 1st. I find the characters more appealing in this version. Especially Shateal. I like the sister-brother dynamic between him and Angelica, the friendly and sarcastic banter was entertaining. But i'll reserve my opinion until you've finished the newer version. I'm looking forward to your update and thanks for the great read!
6/21/2010 c28 Amelya
There's so much I like about this story, the characters' interactions, the plot and especially the composition. I'm glad you've decided to put it back on. Yes, it does need an edit as the writing grew with the story, but it's an enthralling piece anyway.
3/30/2010 c28 2cherry5
Okay. I'm going to be honest, at first, this story sounded so cool. I wanted this to happen to me. I fell in love with Renard. Then comes along Emile, and I could not stand it! However, I couldn't seem to stop reading. Yet again I starting liking Emile too and I couldn't understand why. I honestly couldn't believe someone could love two people. I have been toying with the thought that Emile might be Renard, but every time I thought he really was, you just crushed my hopes. Now that I know he really is, I'm just like "I called it! I totally called it!" This has an amazing plot. I love all the twists and turns. I would give you advise or criticism, but I'm not a writer. Sorry.
2/22/2010 c1 starry eyez
Just wanted to write you a little note to say I'm so glad you re-posted the original!

So thanks I've missed it
2/8/2010 c28 alittleglikecupcake
Now this is what you call a good romance story. :)

Has all the components one would need and more.

You did wonderfully.
2/1/2010 c28 Mo- The Reviewer
Aw! That's so cute :)

Although... It is kinda weird that Emile doesn't know about most of his life...

1/28/2010 c24 Mo- The Reviewer

Whoever sent that note is a maniac.

1/28/2010 c23 Mo- The Reviewer
Someone drugged her!

And... Why is Emile acting weird?

1/28/2010 c22 Mo- The Reviewer
Did someone shoot her?

1/28/2010 c21 Mo- The Reviewer
I still don't think Renard is dead. I don't know why, but I don't think he is :/

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