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8/10/2015 c26 A
Omg! It's so good to see you back ! I have missed you. I have been checking on this story like I have ocd these past few weeks. I'm glad you've been given a raise ! And hope you soon won't need to be doing two jobs.
Yeah, Hayden is more likable now. Mostly cuz theres a bigger bad wold coming into the story.
Though in this chapter he seemed more true than ever before. Like he was showing what he felt. Which I never feel because he always seems like he's hiding something.
And her father. .. *shudders*. To live in a situation where nobody believes you .the mental trauma is too much. .
8/8/2015 c26 Javeria
God that was mind boggling. I loved how you so easily are creating a relationship between them.. Cant wait to see another update. And congrats on your promotion. Very happy for you
8/7/2015 c26 anon
I'm kind of sad that Andy's not gonna make it in the story. I was excited for him though :( The story telling was amazing! Love your writing. Update soon 3
8/7/2015 c25 Javeria
Heylo. Plz update! I hope everything is fine at your end.. Just plz update.. The mysteries were finally unravelling.. I'm at the risk of reiteration.. Jus update soon
8/8/2015 c26 TicoTaco
Shoooot, I'm just torn between being excited to see Alys' Father's return from prison, seeing how the mechanism between them is gonna be and like 'oh god no, let him please never come into the plot even more than he already is', I'm just really excited for the next chapter, and again I have to say, as much as I hate the truth, but the story isn't overly dramatic, It's a piece of reality, children are highly affected of their parents' behavior around them, deeply scars into their mind.
And thinking about, in a way, everyone's a sheep, we wear diffrent masks in front of diffrent people, and I hated that fact.
And Hayden, I don't know why but in this chapter and the previous, even though it was mostly Alys talking, telling her story, but I just loved him.
Love it, waiting for your update.
8/8/2015 c26 LetMeWonder
This story is so intense!
8/8/2015 c26 10Be My Valentine
I read this chapter twice. First at 7AM (GMT), and then again at 7PM (GMT), because it was that good. In-between those twelve hours, I was pretty distracted and busy, but occasionally I would have a flashback and shiver. And tell myself, "the first thing I'm going to do when I'm NOT busy, is review Just Smile and Nod, and tell the author how she is a gifted individual, born to write. Some people take years of practice to be as half as good as you are now. You are a...marvel.

This chapter was astounding. For it felt like 5 hundred words rather than 5 thousands words, and I reached the end, and I felt a disquiet that someone can only feel, when they want to read more - desperately. From learning Alys is the product of a rape, to hear how she was mercilessly punished for being a "blot" - a reminder to her dad about his darker side - to all those professionals and friends that turned a blind eye - cases like this have happened in the UK. Except nobody does anything, until the kid is dead. Oh, how Alys is a competent narrator that delivered her story finely.

And now her dad's coming home?!
What a mind-blowing prospect.
Thank you for updating!
8/8/2015 c26 69Shadowswept
Your descriptions of reactions, all the physical signs of strong emotions, are what keep the telling of Alys's story from being a monologue. I am learning so much about writing from you, and I'm also enjoying a fascinating story. I love what you've done with Hayden's character, how you've slowly revealed the complex person beneath the cold exterior. In so many stories, this kind of character changes within a heartbeat from emotionless to sweet. You haven't done that, and that's why Hayden has held my interest from the beginning. No, you're not cutting him short at all. Their romance is more exciting because it is unfolding slowly. I've never read such a gradual build of attraction between characters before, but I love the pace. It heightens the anticipation of them being together.

I personally love the length of this story. When a story is this good, you don't want it to end. Also, you're not just writing filler. Everything I've read so far adds something vital to the story. It illuminates the characters and reveals more of who they are. I envy your high word count, since I struggle to flesh out my stories. People love an engaging story that doesn't rush through anything.

Now I'll comment on what was revealed in this chapter. I suspected abuse, but I didn't think about the responsibility of anyone besides her father and mother. Unfortunately, Alys's story is not so unrealistic. There have been cases on the news of children being murdered after many calls to police and child services that failed to prevent further abuse. So few people have the fortitude of Alys's teacher, who could have washed her hands of it after calling the police.
And, man, I had a feeling about that letter!

Doctor Augustine was the biggest threat until now, but this adds true danger to the story. I'm truly worried about how it's all going to turn out.
8/8/2015 c26 3KimberleyStrawberryMacarons
So Alys's dad is coming home!?
help us all...why are they letting him home!?
please update soon! :D
8/7/2015 c26 yaraaaa
I have to say that this might have been the best chapter for the story. I can't believe her father is coming back. I hope that Hayden will be there for her throughout everything that happenes. You are very talented, keep up the great work. Also, update soon!
7/28/2015 c25 xoa
Oh my God, this story is really...it's composed of such raw, pure emotion. I usually stick to light, fluffy romantic comedies, but this is...truly phenomenal. Alys is such a human character, and, God, I hate her mother so much, and God those cheerleading sluts are inhuman. It's just, just, I like how Alys and Hayden aren't all coupley, but he's helping her and GOD Child's Lie was just...

Please update this story (if not for my sake, then humanity's.)
7/28/2015 c25 1MissKukyMonster
All I can say is, "wow!". This narrative has so much raw emotion in it, and I can really see, hear, and feel the characters and emotions you have woven. I don't often review stories on FP, but this one is several notches above the rest and I would just like to thank you for sharing!
7/25/2015 c25 Javeria Alizah
Where are you!? Update!
You're finally a little close to unravelling some mysteries of the story..
7/22/2015 c2 the unknown anon
**she hissed slightly, before finding her COMPOSURE again.

composer - noun. a person who writes music
7/19/2015 c1 A
Update please !
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