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4/2/2019 c37 Acie
Wow, coming back strong! I'm glad you've returned and I hope you recover well from your surgeries. Your dyslexia comes as a surprise to me since everything is so well written and formatted.
To the plagiariser:
Other than "fuck you", there's nothing else to say really, please reconsider your life choices.
I guess Friday is going to be the highlight of my week!
4/2/2019 c37 1Ink Scribble
Yo! I am so glad to see this! I am so sorry that you have gone through so much though. Those are some hard times, one thing after the other. Therefor thank you all the more for sticking with us, and I continue to look forward to seeing where your fantastic story will go.
4/2/2019 c37 Katheryn
It’s good to know that you got the plagerism case sorted. As a reader, who still really likes this story after reading it a long time ago, I look forward to your completion of the story. :)
3/30/2019 c36 freedom2619
I was away from fictionpress for awhile bcs of school, now I am back and the first story I wanted to read again was yours. I am sad you stop updating but I can understand since life can happen. If you do come back I will look forward to your story!
6/27/2018 c36 yokaikitsune58
I thought this story was a bit dark but then too I liked it, although I don't review on all the chapters but I liked them a lot and waiting for more chapters...
6/18/2018 c1 Acie
Oh wow... you updated a few years back but it only feels like a couple months
5/28/2018 c1 Guest
You still got shooters out here doesn’t matter if you update or nothing I’ll always reread it
2/8/2018 c1 Guest
Okay, I just realized. Nightingales. Like Florence Nightingales?
2/7/2018 c1 A
Please update... :(
11/17/2017 c36 AkiiRaptor
Hello, you do not know me but I've been reading since 2010, in fact my old account reviews are still registered. Too bad I forgot my password haha.

I am 21 now, almost 22. It has been so long, it is crazy how time seems to pass.

Thank you for sharing, I never had the courage to push through the chapters of my past with many stories I seemed to be able to start but never finish.

But look at you, slowly but surely moving along. I really admire that.

Hah, it makes me feel like a quitter myself...

Whether or not you finish that doesnt really matter to me, however, I would like to say good work. Time passes so fast now and I cant believe I found my way back here.

The story is still sweet as usual, excellent in story telling, unique ideas, and implementing mental disorders and certain touchy subjects that are almost taboo to talk about or even write about now a ways.

I myself find myself relating to certain aspects of glamour, it is really real and striking to me, the masked facades and manipulation. I think you are able to graze that level of mental capability very slightly, It is well done and simply written and executed to the point where your audience probably would not assume such a thing may actually happen in real life, even though it sure does.

You could go into more detail, whether you chose to or not too is not an issue, I like this length, and it makes the romance way less complicated than the mental part of it then it needs to be. I truly admire that, and it must be difficult to write and get through with such material.

Even I find it very hard to write anything now, so hopefully my rambling here will suffice.

Good day, and take care. I love your beautiful idea and design, even now still six or sevenish years into the future.

~Kaitlyn123348 (My old account that I'll never probably touch upon ever again)
8/2/2017 c36 Guest
I remember reading this story and getting excited every time I saw an update. It's as fabulous and unique and real as I remembered. I would love love love to see it finished one day. But until then, thank you so much for what you have already written. We're all behind you.
Reading authors notes over time, and being human myself, I know life gets in the way. That's okay.
Hoping you are well and wishing you the very best,
7/24/2017 c35 Acie
I guess you have disappeared, never to return and nothing can bring you back anymore. That's sad. Real sad. Considering how amazing your story is ,as well as all this character development and the suspense.
Buttttt, if you could find some time to update for us, lowly readers who worship your work and the ground you walk on please do!

Fufufu I believe in you! ( )
6/22/2017 c36 Gemma
Thank you so much for writing this story I love it so much I check for updates everyday and when I see that you have it seriously makes my day. The characters are so interesting and relatable and I can't wait for them to get together alreay like the anticipation is killing me! I don't know why you haven't updated in a while but I just hope you are okay and just know no matter how long it takes you to update I will continue reading this story no matter what
6/10/2017 c36 Guest
I have been following this story since you posted the first chapter back in 2010. Anxious for an update doesn't even begin to describe my desperation. I love everything about this story and hope you find some time/inspiration soon.
6/4/2017 c36 FibonacciStars
I will seriously wait decades for an update. Of course, I would absolutely love the next chapter within the next week/day/hour/minute, but I will love it just the same if I were to read it 20 years from now.
In short, don't pressure yourself into updating quickly or making it "perfect". If it is of this story, I will read it and I will love it.
I'm not sure as to why you haven't updated recently, and I'm sure that it's none of my business. Just please acknowledge the fact that I hold my opinion of you, the writer, in one of the most positive and optimistic of places. If you ever wish to discuss anything, I am more than willing to converse.
This story is brilliant. The characters feel alive and your word choice sends shivers down my spine. The plot is riveting, and I realize something new every time I re-read it. If this story were to ever hit the shelves, I would purchase it in a heartbeat.
I thank you for what you have written and what I hope to read in the future.
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