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10/8/2016 c35 KarasunoFan
WOW Amazing chapter.
I am sorry to hear about you having tough times. Best of luck to youQ\!
10/7/2016 c1 A
Pls update ... Feels like my life sucks without having anything more yo read of this wonderful story.
9/23/2016 c34 rvp31051995
hi nightingales ,
Your story is really very unique , very different , very wonderful ...and mind capturing.
I congratulate you for this wonderful effort...can i ask u why u stopped updating ? U should be having ur own reasons and don't think that I'm prying
9/19/2016 c34 hailie
hells yeah! this story is freaking BRILLIANT
9/19/2016 c34 Starlings
There are not many authors I have read that are able to draw me in so completely that I feel as if I NEED to know what happens for me to stop thinking about the story. You have consumed me. Every feeling and scene you depict makes me apart of this world. LOVE your writing and can't get enough. Please, continue to write and update ALL your stories.

I really like the fact that you have made such a twisted world in which Alys and Hayden live. It is horrifying, because it is not out of the realm of possibility. When I started reading I knew something bad must have occurred with Alys, but I still felt like her gift wasn't something that came of it, so I had very turbulent emotions when the truth came out.

Also, I thought her name was pronounced like alice, just different spelling haha!
8/31/2016 c34 rahbeam
your work is amazing! always always always looking forward to the next chapter
8/31/2016 c34 1lover17
I'm new to your stories and personally I love them. First of all your character development is amazing and over the top. Then the plot is fantastic with with each twist and turn. Hoping on over to the chapters they flow wonderfully. You are an excellent writer my friend keep up your work. Update soon!
8/11/2016 c34 rad-Shay
Amazing read!
Alys has been through so much ...
Really enjoying reading from Hayden's POV as well.
Excited for the next chapter!

7/16/2016 c34 Guest
Amazing chapter! I really can't wait for the next one.
6/28/2016 c34 Guest
love it!
6/20/2016 c34 augmentedDREAMS
Your story has been on my Follow and Favourite lists for months now. I only binge read it just now. I'm so glad I did. I'm not one to say a lot but I realized I just had to write to you. Your story is plainly, absolutely amazing. It can't be described in any other way. It's an absolute gem and I am so glad I got to read this.

Eargerly waiting for your next update.
6/13/2016 c34 E.E. Whitaker
I just started reading this story only a few days ago. I've been reading stories on here for years and I have to say out of all the stories I've read in this category, this one has pulled on my heart strings. I believe that there are a lot of broken and healing people out there who use this site to write, to change their face to tell the truth about their reality. But this story, this story isn't just about teenagers feeling the pull of adulthood and the unfairness of childhood ending. This story speaks volumes to individuals out there who never had a childhood they would eagerly reflect back on to peers to begin with. It tells about those people we had class with who were too embarrassed, too ashamed, too scarred to show who they were. The overwhelming feeling to be in control of some normalcy hiding the pain they've endured or the battles being fought behind their smiles. The fact of innocence and naivety stolen from them too early never known to those around them.
I can say you've captured your characters in the most realistic way possible, a girl who's been through so much, not having many people to relate to, being in a high school environment where everyone is a peacock or just cattle in a herd doing what is expected of them by society's standards. And yet she still goes on, she is still the biggest influence in these people's lives and they are yet to realize her importance, her voice. The boy who's never known a family and yet somehow still has the basic instinct to be a man, a protector to those in need of it. The two knowing how to manipulate their surrounding to keep their facade until they can live a life of solitude and never be bothered with the mediocrity that everyone sees as superb nowadays.
You are a gifted writer, and I just want to say thank you. If this story was in hard cover form, i would be a happy owner of it. You write your characters so well, there's no hypocrisy or gaps in their emotional state, it's such a breath of fresh air to feel that I'm reading about real people. About relatable characters, not about a high school setting with punk rock kids who feel they know the world and that the world owes them and that everyone is unfair to what they want, with stupid modern song lyrics written by people who get paid to or has nothing to do with the story, smearing their chapters.
The emotional toll of childhood hardships, the feelings of mistrust for everyone including family. For some, it may be too much and they just want to skip to a happy ending of a healed person who does things ' normal' people do. But I can tell you as a person nearing my thirties with a family of my own that this story shows the truth, uncut and unedited. That our past will always be an influence on our future, that though it may define our actions in circumstances, that we decide in the end how to deal with our issues. It's our choice ultimately.
Thank you for creating a story that is relatable. Thank you for creating flawed beautiful people who are the people we are around every day and just don't know it because we choose to ignore the ugliness of it.
I look forward to the chapters to come.
6/12/2016 c34 LetMeWonder
Dude. You're brilliant! Love how all the planning came to this moment- holy moly! Fantastic!
6/12/2016 c34 Jia
I always believed this novel was different, one of a kind but this chapter just made it *idk I just have my eyes real WIDE.
I am loving this story more and more.. Its great yo know you manage to write this story with two full time jobs.. Thankyou!
I cant wait for this story to end so that I can reread it. :D
Love you!
6/11/2016 c34 69Shadowswept
You always astound me with your plot, and the long chapters are such a treat. That's the first thing I want to tell you is that a good story can never be too long for a reader. When we are engrossed in a story, we never want it to end. So I don't think you should cut anything.

Okay, so I'm sure I'll forget something, because my mind is blown. I never knew that about all these famous artists being ambidextrous, and about their mental health issues. I'm just as surprised as Alys, but I'm not scared because of her illness. I'm afraid of what will happen with her dad, and about what will happen when the mural is revealed. I'm glad that Hayden knows about Jackson, but it is also making me nervous. I fear much in this story, because I don't feel assured that everything will work out. It's ironic that now that I'm finally getting my wish with the romance, I'm so uneasy about everything else.

Regardless, this story is great, and I wouldn't ask you to change anything. There are so few stories that live up to my expectations, and even fewer that surpass them. This one has done that, and I find it incredible that you had all these scenes already in your mind and only needed to write them down. Then you also know how to bring each scene to life with all the descriptions of their reactions to everything. Forgive me if I'm repeating myself in these reviews. I'm just so impressed. I noticed some typos, but I was too involved in reading the story to remember what they are.

At first I wasn't sure about having Hayden's POV, because I liked how mysterious he was. But he is so complex and interesting and smart that I like his POV just as much as Alys's. You're so patient in describing everything and revealing things, and that has fleshed out these characters so much and added depth to the story.

I'll have to review again later, because I haven't even focused my review on this specific chapter so much as on the whole story.
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