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6/11/2016 c34 Astronomia
I always pronounced Alys' name as 'Al-Lize' or just 'Alice'; either of the two, I don't know why.

So does she have bipolar disorder? I always thought that there was more than just PTSD or Tourettes, especially with her blackouts and breakdowns. Not to mention her artwork. You've developed it so well within her character; she's not presented as a wishy-washy, "woe is me" special snowflake as other writers do. It's really respectful to those with mental illnesses. Thank you for making it real, and not romanticising it either.

I love that Hayden can read her so easily, and how much he wants to protect her. Also, I get the vibe that Tim likes her, but I hope he doesn't cause any problems. :/ But this is a drama and he probably will, but the more drama there is, the better. And I *really* hope that Jackson gets his ass kicked. The creep deserves it.

I can't wait for the next update :)
5/28/2016 c33 Mrs. Awesomesauceness
Loved the story. Can't wait for the next chapters.
5/27/2016 c33 1bookworm121499
I don't generally review, but this story is like any other I've ever seen. I love your brutal honesty, and your don't-give-a-shit attitude to those who ask you to dumb it down, and reduce the darkness. I genuinely admire your ability to write. Thank you for giving us this amazing gift.
5/15/2016 c33 69Shadowswept
Oh my God, the dread! The horrible, horrible dread in the beginning of this chapter. I felt almost sick with it, because it was so real. I could clearly picture it happening to this child. The way he was with her at first, all calm and restrained, made it even worse. I could feel the tension building, and I knew that something bad was going to happen. It left me in tears, because I know that helpless little kids suffer abuse like this every day.

After that, I needed that scene with Hayden just as much as Alys did. I love what he said to her and the underlying meaning of those words. You always put in so many rich details that add texture to the scene and the emotions. And the hilarious phrase he blurted out in front of her mother! Priceless! You made me laugh within such a short time of making me cry.

And the icing on the cake was the poignant and inspiring moment with her mother. What a wonderful way to end a chapter that began with so much horror! I'm using so many exclamation points, but I can't think of any other way to convey how much I love your writing. This story is everything that I thought it would be and more. So much more!
5/13/2016 c33 Idon'tevenname
Hi so I found a pretty good song for Alys
It kinda goes with the whole Hayden is a sun thing
It's called
My Demons by Starset
5/3/2016 c33 TicoTaco
Oh my god ! More the romance between Hauden and Alys is finally approaching its climax and I really can't wait for it
5/1/2016 c33 Bookworm
I would have been laughing like a maniac if a boy was caught in my room and said that too. Can't wait for the next chapter!
5/1/2016 c33 KarasunoFan
Brilliant! You never fail to impress... Half the time I am in tears when I read this riveting tale. Bravo!
4/30/2016 c33 LetMeWonder
I'm so proud of Alys.
4/30/2016 c33 BlueberryInk
Awwwwhhh this chapter end was so sweet! I'm so happy that they're learning! And woah Dad, it was just a muffin ~.~
4/30/2016 c33 Guest
Right, time for me to get a muffin .. I have been taking them for granted!
4/29/2016 c33 7IcanzIIravor
This is by far the best story I have read on this site. I love it. I'll try not to build a shrine just yet. I might need State funding, after all! Now on to this chapter...

Good chapter. I do like the story arc and how Alys is changing and slowly finding her way. It isn't solely about vengeance and payback on a smaller level now. With Hayden's help she is starting to see a bigger picture and perhaps finding belief in herself. With Hayden's strength she is gaining clarity, as evidence by having the nightmare and it not overwhelming everything for her this day. Amazing growth and I love how it has slowly unfolded over the entire story. There was no single eureka moment.

Another cool thing to see is the slow build involving Alys mom. She has gone from someone basically solely living a lie and avoiding situations to finally someone perhaps ready to start actually living herself and not in a fantasy world that allows her to avoid the past and the now. She is still a weak and fragile woman, but we are starting to see how much she actually does love Alys and how she is trying to finally step up and actually be a mom.

I am so glad I found this story. Can't wait for the next installment.
4/29/2016 c33 AnAnonyMOUSE
How long is it until her father is released, do we know? :)
I look forward to the next chapter but, like always, take your time! Update on your own time and we'll be here waiting! :)
4/29/2016 c25 Astronomia
My heart aches for her. And I dread to read the next chapter because I know what she's going to reveal :(
4/29/2016 c19 Astronomia
Maybe it's the inner anarchist in me speaking, but I love Alys and Hayden's hatred for the establishment and its corruption. I also love the development of their relationship; I like how nothing is sudden, and that you are giving us a chance to see the exact ways in which it grows. And I especially love the revelation of Hayden's true character!
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