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for Cave Wanderers

8/24/2010 c1 5thefaultinourpatronus
Aw this is cute(:

Excellent work, well written!


8/10/2010 c1 2OrangeXAngel
Even if you've written this some time ago, I think it was really good, just like your teacher. :D The whole thing flows beautifully, and you word choices are awesome! No tedious 'he said...' 'she said...', but descriptive verbs that you don't see a lot on FP like 'blustered.' That one was my favorite. :)

I think Herbert's crazy. Psychotic and a cannibal. You put a lot of life into him, great job. I could feel true... disgust for him? But I bet there's a reason he is the way he is, so I'm sympathetic too, for the couple also. The ending was a great way to end it, in my opinion. Explorers finding there bodies, so sad. D':

I was HOOKED all the way through. I was just so excited to find out what Herbert really was. I thought he was a serial killer or something, but what he REALLY was was much more interesting and unpredictable. I was gaping at the scene where Echo finds Craig. So vivid. Anyway, great work! I hope that someday I might be able to find out how Herbert got into the cave and how he became the way he is. ;D
1/29/2010 c1 7DreamerForFame
I just loved it...Esp the last part, on their graves, it's really beautiful
1/15/2010 c1 1RetardedChicken
okay... so that was so FRICKEN sad, it was kinda like romeo and Juliet at the end when she killed herself. Your tescher was right, this is really good, your description of hubert and everything were great. The best part(even though it was so sad) was the letter at the end, well written and worked perfectly for the forum! Nice work :)


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