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3/5/2010 c1 1AsianFlipGurl
That made me sad. :( But it was so good, so now I'm happy :D
2/28/2010 c1 Saniaaa
Aww, i love this even though it's not about Summer and Zach like i thought it was but it's cute and sad at the same time. Great work :)
2/26/2010 c1 6SunsetRainbow
I love it.

I love the fact that they DON'T start dating

I know that sounds really crazy xD
2/21/2010 c1 2Sweet.Linda

I feel bad for Nick. But he's so sweet! (:

This was really well-written despite the fact that it was really random. xD
2/19/2010 c1 Rhymes
This really does seem like a spur-of-the moment thing.

But whatever. It's still good.

I like the use of modern culture in this (ie: Facebook) but I'm still a little bit confused about where it's set and how old each of the characters are.

Oh, and this line: And in the he said she said sometimes there’s some poetry.

It sounds odd to me and could do some cleaning up.

Still, my favourite part in this story by far, is probably the skywriter section. Mainly because of this paragraph: There’s a Brown-Columbia game. It’s the usual round of screaming fans in school colors and smuggled flasks and the kind of profound hatred Tasha never thought she’d encounter outside a history chapter about the World Wars. She eats three hot dogs, one after another, and digs her nails into Nick’s arm when she can’t scream any more. He seems more nervous than a game warrants, and she doesn’t understand why until the crowd starts pointing upwards.

It has a very nice flow to it, and I really like the sentence structure.

There's a whole lot more that I wanted to say, but right now, I'm having a mental blank.

Nevertheless; this was definitely an enjoyable and fun read - especially for something that just...happened.

With words,

- Rhymes
2/18/2010 c1 cappuccinocapuchin
Glad you decided to continue the series. Happy to see all my favourite characters back in business. ^_^
2/18/2010 c1 lilaclia
I'm so retarded . I read this forever ago , the day it came out , and I realize NOW that I didn't review . why ? I don't know , I think i read it late at night . but, let me just say . I read it , but not because of Zach and Summer . I read it , but didn't realize who wrote the story , I was just looking through stories and this caught my eye . I didn't realize it was one of YOUR stories either . the summary just was interesting , so I read . after reading the reviews, I THEN realized this was Zach Gellar and Summer Ward . I was shocked , because they are one of my favorite couples ever . Honest . They are so different and may seem imperfect for each other yet they are compatible . this was incredibly sad, but realistic . everything with two best friends who are the opposite sex, always end up getting together or had mutual feelings for each other at some point. but not always, so i love how you brought that point out. just because one person has feelings for the other doesn't mean the other has to return them .It goes against the cliche which makes it amazing . And you brought Summer and Zach into it .So it made it even better, YAY . Indians ! I never realized there were so many of us on here ... Anyways, you're a talented writer, I'm sure you know that, and I can't wait to read more of your one-shots . :)
2/16/2010 c1 1KarmaC
Weird. Really good, but a little odd. Congrats on the SKOW nomination!
2/14/2010 c1 October 29
i can't tell if that hurt or not, but it feels familiar. more? please.
2/14/2010 c1 2GemsBlowfish14
I really liked this one-shot. I thought it was beautifully written and you're right it was different, but a good kind of different. I liked that you incorporated Zach and Summer so we could see how they were doing. All in all I thought it was great!
2/13/2010 c1 33BringTheBing
So I really really really like it.

But that's expected haha.

Though I had to reread this to get a couple of things...

Summers at NYU... or Columbia...

She has a roommate (Tasha) but Zach doesn't go to their school so they must not be at NYU...

Yet Tasha talks about going to Iowa (I like like 30 minutes from U of I.. I'm also a die hard Hawkeye, so it was weird to see that, and I was like "Why in the world would anyone want to go to Iowa when they could go to NYU).

So are they seniors in high school? But that doesn't make sense if Tasha and Summer are roommates.

I am obviously confused. :)

The summary of the story is way confusing. I was expecting a total Summer Zachie-pooh story... but I like Tasha and Nick...

They're not from TCG right? If they are... I don't remember them at all...


I adore it! It's probably way more realistic then most one shots on here. Life doesn't seem to have many happy endings anymore.
2/11/2010 c1 Juliet
It's Juliet from ADoR. Your one-shot got inducted. Here's your raving review:

From the author of The Champagne Gang, she gives us a taste of what she's got in a lovely one-shot. It's not a Summer and Zach in the spotlight this time. Tasha and Nick make a relatable two...


2/9/2010 c1 Diikee
Hey! I love this One-Shot!

I miss Zach and Summer even though I finished The Champagne Gang yesterday!

OMG! Your Indian! AH! Lol just had a major spasm moment when I found out. I'm Indian too! Which part are you from?

And are you fan of the Jonas Brothers? Cause I am a HUGE fan of them (:
2/9/2010 c1 13morphine and lollipops
Wow. After all of this I love Tasha, but at the same time hate her. She let him go, led him on. Ugh.

2/8/2010 c1 DA-chen1
Hey punky :D

I like this chapter because now I know that Zach and Summer are together in New York... really cute chapter!

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