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12/2/2010 c14 cratermaker
Hooray for barfing up words! Yeah, I'm working on school stuff too. Took a break to read this. Twas really good; well worth the wait. It is amazing how all forms of artists never are satisfied with what they created, be it musicians, writers, artists... I recognize it in you, others, my best friend, myself. It's fascinating, really, how we see what we want to become in others and never see the true talent in ourselves, no matter how many times we hear others tell us or we tell ourselves. But, those artists are the most interesting, and generally the most talented. And I think we're glad for that, because if we weren't, and we really did suck as bad as we thought we did, then no one would tell us otherwise, and we'd end up like Charlie, even though he didn't suck at all...

Woah. How insightful was THAT? X3 Anywho, great chapter. Love the last lines, actually; I can't wait to see the phone convo.
9/26/2010 c13 23plumblossom
whee indeed. I figure Frey's subconscious is telling him either that it's okay to love Charlie, or that he's okay without Charlie, or both.


I guess both could be true.
9/26/2010 c13 cratermaker
M, liked this chapter. You captured dreams really well. I could pretty much feel him jerking awake, and I had wanted the second dream to be real, but I wasn't too suprized to find that it wasn't. Good job! :3
8/15/2010 c12 cratermaker
Ah, that didn't suck... It left me feeling slightly more satisfied and longing for more. Maybe this compliment shall BOOT you out of this writer's block. -boots-

Cuz you've got to entertain me. :3
8/2/2010 c11 8Blaze Moonlight
This is really interesting. I love all of your characters, especially Frey, and I think the way you do the different PoVs in each chapter, particularly Charlie's and LeRoy's.
7/21/2010 c11 cratermaker
Great chappie. Can't wait for your next one; can't even imagine what it will be about, but I really liked the feel of this particular chapter, and i'd like to see what happens in the days to follow this one. Much love! And what does that Chinese phrase say?
6/25/2010 c10 5Aime Atem
I'm anxious to see the parts that you've been anxious to write, because I imagine they'll be the best part of this story, and what you have so far is marvelous. Motivation!
6/25/2010 c10 cratermaker
Yay! Another installment! -dances-
6/25/2010 c8 MomoInsane
I'm having great fun reading this. Like it loads.

The singing violinist is, I think, the interviewee in this:

http:/w .buttmagazine . com / ? p=324

It's kind of cute (and slightly horrifying, as most Butt-interviews are (to me, anyway))

It mentions his cuddling habits :)

(cheers!, k)
5/11/2010 c9 cratermaker
Hey, sorry it's taken me a long time to review. Been busy, with the school year ending and all.

But anywhoozle. I liked this chapter quite a bit, actually; Charlie is a stark contrast to Frey, and it was interesting to see what goes on in his head.

I can only hope that you'll update again soon and let me know what's to become of these dear boys. ^w^
5/1/2010 c9 23plumblossom
Charlie thinks so much about how comfortable he is with himself that I think he "protests too much." I sort of get the impression that he's much sadder than he admits.

I wonder if Frey even knows yet that he's in the news: because he ran off before he did know.
4/17/2010 c8 6letyoursoultakeflight
I needs to know more of his story! =]
4/12/2010 c8 cratermaker
Ooh, you kept your beautiful promise to update. And I'm watching the video right now. Easy to picture this guy as Frey. :D Can't wait for when you write more.

Btw, I absolutely loved the second part of the chapter. Very well-written. You have a way of saying things without saying them, you know?
4/3/2010 c7 cratermaker
I liked this chapter. I wouldn't believe that you can't do sexy. It was very believable. I don't know if you'll add anything else, but I have a vague hope that you do; this was very interesting to read. :3
3/18/2010 c6 letyoursoultakeflight
Most excellent! Love how Frey came to join =]

the Acutes were bothered. Charlie began to relapse into his old ways, staying out all hours of the night and coming back smelling like everything unholy and unclean.

- love how you write!
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