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6/24/2012 c24 Fletching
I love how you managed to weave this inexplicable, fragile, beautiful thread linking Kon and Nate in a way that makes my soul cry. Both of them have just been through so much and when they finally meet a person who might just understand what they've been/going through, they react exactly how most people in their position would act: hostilely. They tighten their control; they refuse to show weakness even though in a way, they already have.

I can really relate to Kon's insecurity and reluctance to get attached. The way she realized that she was breaking up a family (albeit unintentionally) made me really feel for her because it must suck trying to start over and feeling the backlash almost instantly. I enjoy Kon and Nate's interactions a lot because unlike a lot of stories out there, their relationship isn't one of raging hormones and misguided declarations of love. They're just two people trying to find something to hold on to and try as they might to resist each other, there is something undeniably bringing them closer together. Plus, I'm in love with people-watching and do it myself whenever I'm trapped at a social event but alas, my skills are not up to par with neither Kon nor Nate.

To be honest, I was expecting Jessica and Carol to be bitches when Kon arrived, but was pleasantly surprised when Jessica openly embraced her as a sister. I didn't trust Carol anyway so her fight with Shaun was expected. But I like how she gradually gets over herself and comes to understand that Kon isn't deliberately trying to screw things up (more like being screwed with by the universe ;)).

Overall, I really enjoy the atmosphere and theme of the story; to me, it's a coming-of-age story where starting over means letting go of the past and moving forward (coincidentally with a gorgeous guy along the way). I'm looking forward to future chapters and am definitely recommending this story to everyone.
6/5/2012 c24 Preposterous
uh-oh. What's wrong?

I really liked this chapter! Please update soon. I understand you're busy, so I'll wait though.
6/5/2012 c12 Preposterous
I think they're being unfair. Carol deserves the cold shoulder since she's such a bitch.
6/5/2012 c8 Preposterous
Great chapter! I really like this story.
5/18/2012 c24 mgouda
warning! this is going to be one massive review, since i've rediscovered this story so now i have to make up for all the other chapters :p

First of all, this is an amazing story. one of the best things about it is that there are so many great aspects and side-stories to it, which is great. you have a good number of main characters, each interesting in their own way, and also wonderful supporting characters to keep the story from being centered around one idea.

speaking of great characters, Kon is amazing. the fact that you were able to develop such an intense, deep and dimensional character is just...wow. i like that she has such a dark past, and the contrast of that with her new life, and how she's dealing with everything. she's great

nate is so...gosh. i can't even. seriously, one of my favorite male leads at the moment. also intense, also deep, and such a good match for Kon. i love their relationship, so slow and hesitant, but still a little bit magical. i love the "people watching" game they have with each other, and i love that that quirk they have is so unique to the literary world.

as far as chapters go, this one is definitely my favorite. the beach scene was so, so beautiful, nothing was rushed or pushed, and even though the dialogue was sparse it was meaningful and just really made me smile.

this bit especially was wonderful: "The sensation of falling, physically or metaphorically, is always a terrifying one, and one I had a lot of experience with. Falling from the force of the rare bottle that hit its mark. Falling to my knees beside an unconscious Chris. Falling for people, no matter how hard I tried to stay unattached. Falling is terrifying because the crash, the breaking, is always the inevitable ending." so gorgeous.

on a note of criticism, though, there are some tiny points that could make this story so much more amazing if taken into account:

the relationship between Kon and her father is beautiful, and has the potential to be so much more. i was a little surprised and unsatisfied i guess, that we didn't get to really see that development from the beginning of the story. i feel like that obstacle of getting close to her father is crucial to the story, and could set that pace for Kon eventually opening up, letting people in, healing. also the situation with Carol was very sudden, since she wasn't really mentioned after the initial introduction. some hints about her feelings beforehand would have been nice.

Kon and Nate really need to get together :p i know i said that the slow build of their relationship is nice, which it is, especially since so many romantic stories really just rush into things, but i feel like they should have at least spent more time together by this point in the story. like, i think more chapters needed to have a better balance between Kon's past and her issues, and the relationships she's trying to build with the people around here, most especially Nate, her father, and Jess, who i aslo think could use more spotlight. but that beach scene...ugh. perfect. it really made up for the lack of Kon/Nate time.

i can't really think of anything else at the moment, which is good for you since this review has already been so HUGE :P

but i have to say, i am so excited to read the rest of this, and i really, really hope you get the chance to finish soon (very soon).

you know, with a bit of tweaking, it's really easy to see this story on bookshelves one day. so really, good luck with everything, and write more!
5/1/2012 c24 shann-ng
Oh my God! I actually can't comprehend how amazing you are as an author! This story is honestly one of the best on FictionPress!

I truthfully enjoy reading this story so much, and I really look forward to the next update!

4/25/2012 c17 HippoCritical
OMG I just started this story and i freakin love it. Finally! someone appreciates the awesomeness of people watching.

BTW does the title "Invisible Monsters" have anything to do with Chuck Pahlanuik's book? Cuz you mentioned Fight Club so i figured that might be it.

Update soon!
4/23/2012 c24 25Kyllex

So I finally got around to reading this, and ahhhh. Oh. My. God. I loved it. I really loved all the Nate and Kon interactions in this chapter, especially the part near the end with the wave chasing! It made my heart all fluttery.

But alsdkjfoweiru the endddd. Oh god. Why does all this bad stuff keep happening to them? D: When will it endddd?

(These are all rhetorical questions, btw. Keep up the good work. I enjoy the drama. xD)

Thank you so much for the update! And don't worry about taking too long. It's understandable. Real life is more important than writing stories! Loved the chapter!

4/22/2012 c24 9rukz
Yup. You've been gone for months, glad to see you popped back up unexpectedly.

There was a part you where it mentioned 'my next heartbreak' I really hope that doesn't happen as Kon and Nate both deserve happiness. Glad to see she's falling for him slowly, haven't seen it reciprocated yet but I believe his getting there.

Hope you don't take to long this time to update.
4/20/2012 c24 2KarmaHope
Okay. You really need to update. I wa hooked from page one, and it never lost my interest. Definitely one of my favorite stories. You write really well.
4/19/2012 c24 Allie
I just spent the whole day reading this. I love your characters- they're really interesting. I'm hopeful that Konstantine and Nate will somehow help each other heal and whatnot. Also maybe Shaun should have thought of family therapy too? Anyway, lovely story you've got going. I can't wait to read more.
4/19/2012 c24 Naomi
This chapter was amazing! I've been waiting for it since almost forever and it definitely did not disappoint. It left it on such a cliffhanger and genuinely shocked me so well done. I'm very intrigued to find out the whole Jon thing so hopefully you'll post another soon :)
4/19/2012 c24 3IndiLovely
Wow. I just read all of this in like 24 hours. Because it's so... wow. The detail you go into when you write is extraordinary, and it just works incredibly well with engaging the reader; I found myself crying through some of it! And now that I've finished, I'm like screaming at my computer how much I want Konstantine and Nate to get together. So please, please update soon, you're doing a wonderful job - it's probably the best story I've ever read on here!
4/19/2012 c1 1TheStruggleAgainstSilence
Hey this si my first review so it may sound really stupid

Firstly really enjoyed your story and it's really good

I'm interested in psychology so the "people-watching" was interesting

I've always read stories on this site but I've only just signed up so I can write some of my own

So, I guess, thank you for inspiring me :)
4/18/2012 c24 uninspiredsoul
loveeed it so far, especially the interactions between Kon and Nate.
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