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for Tales of El: Iron Butterfly

1/30/2017 c26 Are
This was so good and beautiful. Great world building, thanks for sharing and taking me on this fun journey. I had such a blast
9/20/2016 c10 4R. Ficst
heeheehee back for a re-read and loving it :)
3/22/2015 c26 spiderlily1012
This story was amazing I loved it
2/25/2015 c26 3morningstorm70
This is my third or fourth time reading still love it
10/25/2014 c26 4R. Ficst
Absolutely loved it. Foolish me, I started reading in the evening, and then just. couldn't. stop. 11AM now and I need some sleep. hehe ;)

Thanks so much for posting! I will check out your other work when I wake up.
8/15/2014 c26 Nbsiren
Enjoyed and loved this
8/15/2014 c8 Nbsiren
I already want the High Master to die painfully...
*runs to next chapter*
6/15/2014 c26 Waga
I love this so much! Want to read something with Garen and his goof of a bonded xD
4/5/2014 c26 GrimIsaac
This is a lovely story, I just wish there were more stories that took place on El
1/6/2014 c1 jennifer.gardiner.9469
Will you be publishing this story? I love it and would love to buy a copy!
7/21/2013 c8 Guest
I know a certain Master who should be filleted! :(
7/21/2013 c4 Guest
Oh! That is just wrong! :(
7/17/2013 c26 6Scarlet Hyacinth
Iron Butterfly is the first ever story I read by MouseGirl. I found it as a recommendation on the Slash Pile and on various other communities, and I have to say, all the great words I've read about it are quite correct.
As a mix of sci/fi and fantasy, the story creates quite an original universe which has a little of everything: aliens, martial arts, space ships, evil villains, and of course, m/m loving and a dash of mpreg. The mpreg component was what brought me here, but everything else was what made the story remarkable.
One thing which I have to note, though, was that the sex scenes were confusing. I've noticed this in other stories by MouseGirl too, but here it was pretty jarring. I don't mind behind-closed-doors sex, but in Iron Butterfly, an attempt was made to make it explicit and it didn't quite seem to succeed. To this day, I'm not very sure if Leh'ar was raped or not (I'm 80% sure he wasn't... maybe). I was only 100% that they even had penetrative sex because of the mpreg. The language in the sex scene was just so ambiguous. Quite honestly, I preferred the other 2 stories I read by MouseGirl in this regard - they were a little clearer because they didn't try to be explicit.
In any case, I did love Iron Butterfly. I would recommend it to any fantasy and mpreg fan. The sex thing aside, it is an amazing story, and I kind of would like to see a follow up starring Gale's brother. Maybe with that strange feline alien?
3/17/2013 c26 Kreyana1
Okay, final review. Let's see... Well, you can pretty much sum this thing up as "HOLY CRAP! Awesomeness." Seriously. Barring the random typos and whatnot, there is really good imagery in this story. I don't think I really spotted anything amiss plot-wise (and figured from the very beginning that any kids would have to come from Gale. Doesn't actually bug me that much, but that's probably because even Ny was all "meep, noooo, not right D:" heh)

I'm going to remain of the opinion that Gartol's mystery love earlier on was Ny. (Somewhat affirmed seeing that his brother said "recent pining" in reference to Binne and that wasn't recent...)

You had the main Antagonist (High Master), minor Antagonist (Rarnat/the Counsel Elders), very tiny bully (Binne), and behind-the-scenes Antagonist (dad), right there along with great, strong Good Guy characters (I especially love the reappearance of the old guy from that municae shop-completely unseen!).

Gale and Ny are very easy to fall for-no matter how much time we spend hitting our heads on the metaphorical (and sometimes real) desktops in our frustration hah. Leh'ar and Ja'ren are wonderful little comic characters (along with the twins). And Nyla! At first you think "she's Ny's sister, so we're gunna love her, right? ...SHE WHAT?! : O! ...Ahhh, good. She's good again :D Okay safe to love the Nyla." *snicker* that was rather fun.

Also, that reminds me... exactly how are some of these names pronounced? Some of them are rather obvious (like Gale and Nylear...er, I think) but others I'm not sure on. Nylaneh I have a form in my head, and if it's right then I think its absolutely beautiful.

Ummm... (Oh yes, there is a stupid little "1" after my name because I've not logged into this site in literally forever. Have to figure out how to contact these rear-pains and get the old-as-fk email address updated. It's so old I don't even know what the backup was, hah. Not any I use now.)

Hrnnn you aid something about side stories focused on Leh'ar and Gartol. Looking forward to those, if they come out still. For Gartol, I rather think he should have something like this-as in a bit of a longer story, maybe with him getting blindsided by love for a new human? Hell, perhaps even a girly. That would be highly intriguing! Hey-the Elemental Lords opened up the door for Cross-species blending; one would expect it to happen now lol I don't foresee the exact same difficulties, but definitely their own types of challenges...

And in sequel territory? I'm rather of the opinion that perhaps the Elemental Lords should..."bless"...Ny and Gale with a second child. (And seeing that Ny doesn't like to top, one can foresee quite interesting things happening, with that scenario.) Nyahah. *cough* Or, y'know... normal crap. Point is? Ny and Gale are TOTALLY loved. (Oh, and I kept finding myself imagining Ny with his hair all done up like Skaara's, from Stargate... at least during more formal occasions lol I couldn't help it D: imaging a flat ponytail in more formal settings is just a bit... dull? *shrug* And Skaara's hair is kinda awesome...)

On the other hand, taking a peek into Ny'ale's story might be interesting, too...

...I think I'm done...? :) You have here a story that is very much met with approval and MUCH love. I really did enjoy reading it (and honestly? The most infuriating stories are the best tales. Just like Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonsong" trilogy. Those books pissed me off to high heaven, but I loved them!) and thank you very much for sharing that tale. And the "Fall of a Monster" side-that was entertaining. (And I have to admit, the only bit of this story I didn't fully read is that 'really dark' chapter. I'll have to go back sometime and suck it up lol)
3/15/2013 c22 Kreyana1
I just love how you keep going "Let's see if I can shock you NOW *evil smile*" Hah.

That beginning was absolutely great! I'd actually really like to see a short thing about the interactions between Thessnral and Ja'ren. Ja'ren is as fun of a character as Leh'ar! I love them both so much, hah.
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