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5/22/2010 c1 59Casino Kat
Woah. Abi, dear, I'm afraid you've outdone yourself. This is amazing! (:

2/4/2010 c1 1DandylionWishes
"mild T references?" I'd call it more M tbh it's ok though
2/3/2010 c1 69xoLOVEmeWITHnoRESTRICTIONSxo
woah, I was not expecting the ending. I like how you repeat certain lines. good job, I love how you used so much deatil and emotion, it makes me feel as if I am there. Good job, keep it up :D
1/29/2010 c1 37I am Lyhegnot
Ooh... creepy cute rapist stalker. Wasn't expecting that.

But...err...a K rating? I'd up it to at least 'T'. Possibly 'M' for rape.

Lovely as usual, m'dear. :]

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