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for The Lonely Galaxy Almanac to the Otremir

4/9/2010 c5 619Jave Harron
I really like this universe you've made. The individual worlds, the rival powers, and the general details are all pretty interesting to read as well. The FCER is pretty awesome and interesting, even for 'villains.' I did have a comment. Is the Shinir wildlife bioengineered doing terraforming (presumably by the Pitharoons), or able to survive in a Terran hospitable ecosystem?
3/11/2010 c3 Jave Harron
I have to say, I love the details and world building you've been doing. Sadly, grad school prevents me from fully reviewing "Veiser," but it's on my list of stuff to read.
2/22/2010 c2 70Philip A. Troy
This is a very good idea to do something like this. Perhaps, if you later give permission and I later have the time, I will do something like this myself. Thank you for seeding the thought.

2/2/2010 c1 JaveHarron
Good to see more info on the universe. Hope to see an update soon!

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