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for The Horror of Barrington

3/12/2010 c1 Friend of Javeharron
To me, this story feels like more of a typical psychological thriller.

I'd hardly classify it as belonging to the horror "genre".

Pretty rough,needs a bit of polishing specially proof-reading. Good work,try to be more descriptive in future chapters.
2/8/2010 c2 JaveHarron
Your adjectives are pretty darn detailed and fun to read. The spider things were very awesome. I love good critters. Still, is this the end, or will our narrator encounter even more? This reminds me a lot of Lovecraft's Dreamlands.
2/3/2010 c1 549Jave Harron
I have to say, there was an awesome amount of description here. The character's loft and the strange thing he sees are all nailed to a degree that makes it fairly easy to follow. Trying to do some Lovecraftian horror, then?

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